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The government can collect your debt by withholding money from the following sources of income:

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Hello “employee”, I certainly understand your angst at the publics lack of support so far. What still must be considered is that very very soon, paychecks and pensions won’t matter, the ship is going down by the day. Hope all government employees will find a way to band together and come out from the shadows.

The consequences of extreme sports are manifest

Hi beretta: We have exactly the same situation here in Michigan. They have been massively stepping up their chemtrail assaults over the past 6 months. And when I point if out to people it's like they just don't see it. I called the the airport control tower in Flint and asked if they were aware of all the extra air traffic primarily flying east to west and west to east. I asked if he was aware that they were spraying chemicals. He lied to me and said it was normal air traffic going to Chicago with normal contrails. He said that chemtrails is a conspiracy.

This is why I and others won't risk our jobs to be "whistle blowers". No one pays attention. It will be way too late by the time the public gets interested.
If you read the news then you have seen how "whistle blowers" are decimated by the government. No job, no income, no benefits and no one will hire you because you will be blackballed.
I can tell you that 'Satan' is truly in charge.

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Can only speculate: hit Mexico where it hurts, i. e. in the tourism and the income from such. Mexico is planning to or has done so…. Legalized cannabis use. I don't know the detail yet, but the US has responded by cutting off funding for the drug war there. Actually, removing the funding is good news for the people of Mexico. Bad news for the sponsors of terrorism in that region. Is there a connection? I don't know. Purely speculation on my part. I notice a major tropical storm northeast of Hawaii this morning. Moisture is being pumped big time toward California and the Pacific Northwest. Will we get a decent rain here in Mendocino County in the next few days? There were some gargantuan chemtrails over me last night. That bodes ill for appreciable rain if any. The director of the National Weather Service is Louis Uccellini. He has been gagging on a bunch of weather related forecasts screwups of late.

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You make a great point! For us that have kids we should ALL have our kids wear masks at school when they are out playing in the yard, and if the school refuses then take your kid out of school with the claim they are allergic to the spraying. Maybe if we bring enough attention to the issue we can make media attention.. just a thought.

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Was this apparent hiatus until today in the geoengineering spraying have anything to do with the 'Gag Order' imposed on the government workers ?

ISIS: The “unintended consequences” of the US ..

Hello Alan, I feel exactly like you every minute of every day. We are not alone, our numbers are growing exponentially. Turn your anger and angst into fuel for this all important battle. All of us are needed to move the ball forward in this battle every single day, never give up.

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Here in South Carolina, since the hurricane few weeks ago, we have had an apparent suspension of the geoengineering spraying in the skies. We have had Blue Skies these past few weeks, no chemtrails and virtually no clouds!! I almost forgot what they looked like !