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 As one of the country's biggest coal miners, Consol is one the worst environmental offenders.

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An example can be seen in the Exxon Oil Spill. Exxon was transporting oil across a Sound in Alaska when they leaked10.9 million gallons of oil into the water. It formed a barrier layer across the water. The Exxon Company thought it was just one layer of oil and would not do much damage. However, that one layer of oil prevented sunlight from entering, which prevented photosynthesis from occurring in the aquatic plants, causing them to die. As a result, the entire food chain was impacted eventually affecting people. Humans consume between 1 trillion and 2.7 trillion pounds of fish each year. If fish were extinct, humans would have to find an alternate source for food. Pollution that messes up the food supply can be eliminated or minimized if there are higher fines or personal accountability for polluting companies.

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According to a , Honda has gone above and beyond in its environmental duties. Going so far as to call Honda “the most fuel-efficient auto company in the US”, CNN tells the story of how Honda is hard at work on the hydrogen fuel cell powered “FCX.” Honda is apparently also taking steps to create an entire infrastructure for hydrogen, looking forward to a day when – hopefully – more cars will be powered by that instead of gasoline. In addition to all of this, Honda has pledged to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 5% between 2005-010, and that’s not including that 5% it already achieved from 2000-2005.

Toyota is famous for offering the Prius, the world’s first mass-market hybrid vehicle. The popular car is now sold in over 40 countries The Environmental Protection Agency has , crowning the Prius and its 48MPG as the most fuel-efficient car available for purchase in the U.S. Similar authorities in the United Kingdom have applauded the Prius, namely the UK Department of Transport, who in the country.

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Benefit corporations are attractive to a large and growing market for socially responsible and impact investments. Multiple benefit corporations including Ello, Dancing Deer Baking Co. and Cotopaxi both from social impact investors and from more traditional funds. There is over $3.7 Trillion in socially responsible investing assets under professional management today; the benefit corporation structure reduces due diligence time for those investors to find businesses that meet their investment goals.

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Benefit corporation laws do not change or impact tax law in any way. A benefit corporation still must choose either C or S status like a traditional corporation, and are not taxed differently than other types of corporations.

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Any size company can incorporate or re-incorporate as a benefit corporation. Over 1,200 companies have incorporated nationally as benefit corporations, most in the last few years and all since October 2010. Some well-known benefit corporations include Patagonia, Method, Plum Organics, and King Arthur Flour.

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Benefit corporations must use a freely-chosen credible, comprehensive, independent and transparent third party standard to create their benefit report, but they do not need to be certified or audited by that third party standard. Benefit corporations may choose to be certified by a third party standard as a best practice and as a means to attract capital, but there is no requirement to do so. .

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In addition to bankruptcy, there is the belief that companies are not causing THAT much harm to the environment so the government should not charge them. In reality, companies are causing a TREMENDOUS amount of environmental issues. The amount of pollution companies generates is so much that it is messing up the environmental food web as seen in a study in 1995. For example, a large fish’s diet consists of smaller fish that eats insects that eat plants. If one of those species becomes extinct then the other species has less of a chance to survive. If the insect goes extinct due to pollution then the smaller fish will not be able to eat and so on. So, how does this relate to citizens?