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Working out how many members there are of the African Union is indeed quite easy.

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Somaliland We can’t call an independent country or even a country who has its own government because all governmental management of somaliland involves at the aid of somali federal government so forget about to be an independent country

So is that the answer? Africa comprises 54 countries, all members of the AU.

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Well it seems the most reliable figure, unless of course you consider Somaliland a country.

The issue at hand is one of supporting self-determination, while avoid talk of cessation. But to get back to the topic, I think a broad count like 55 doesn’t really work, because of the special circumstances. If the question is how many countries, we should be looking at international recognition. South Sudan is now an excellent example of that.

They were all counted and included, as they are members of the African Union.

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Well setting aside member countries being recognised (or not) by the UN or the AU, how many countries IN ALL form part of the continent? I mean i got 58 –in all– including Morocco, Western Sahara, South Sudan AND Mayotte?
Is Mayotte a country or just an island among the Comoros? Wikipedia describes it as a ‘department and region’…

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Hi Thad. Yes, South Sudan is included in our calculations. Including South Sudan, Western Sahara and Morocco, we conclude there are 55 countries in Africa, recognised by either the UN or the African Union or both.

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Hi Arjun
Thanks for your query. Our conclusion is 55 recognised countries, Mayotte not being one of them. Others such as Somaliland can make a claim to be a de facto state, but it is not internationally recognised.
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South Sudan does not appear on our slightly out of date map, but it is included in the 54 African Union member states. It is one of those counted in our list.

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In addition, while there are various other territories that claim independence, there is also one de facto state, as described under the normal definitions of what makes a country, which is Somaliland. It is not, however, a recognised state. Any advance on that, let us know.

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Morocco withdrew from the AU’s predecessor, the Organisation of African Union, in 1984 after the OAU approved the membership of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic – aka the Western Sahara – a country (or Morocco would say a territory) that Morocco refuses to recognise.