Another factor in maintaining balance involves the element of time.

Eratosthenes served for several decades as head of the famous Greek library at Alexandria.

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All of these symptoms are very real. These frequencies slowly cook the human body. Literally.
Hence the need to practice self protection daily.
The effect is called the “heat effect”. Depolarization of nerve and muscle occur as a result.
In Canada it is illegal to allow any frequency to excite or stimulate body tissues. And yet Health Canada ignores their own laws. In reality smart meters are illegal.
So is any wireless device or even the wired meters, since those have a special device called a Supply Mode Power Switch or SMPS which – wait for it – protects the meter from 240 high voltage but exposes the human inside the building to radically spiking high voltage in the process, up to 50,000 Giga hertz a spike.
The way I see it? If this is illegal in my country according to Canadian health laws, then if and when this comes to my home I intend to fully and completely wrap the meter in heavy aluminium turkey plates and to hold it in place with duct tape which suppresses the transmission which in turn converts the transmission of the meter from frequency into heat, just like any microwave oven does, and which in turn fries the meter.
I don’t know how to use a chainsaw or I would use this but I do very much admire anyone who refuses to accept this illegal surveillance device. I feel exactly this way – or I would maybe use a sledge hammer. Same goes for the smart meter boosters on utility poles in the rural areas as target practice. Call this sedition but who is the illegal one in this picture? The utility corporations, that’s who. All of them. All at the same time doing this to all of us all over the globe. Who thought that up? The united Nations, that’s who. Fake green microwave pollution. FIGHT BACK!

* The 2002 letter from Norbert Hankin of the US Environmental

Anyone else here know about Graham Stetzer filters? They are an antidote. They also sell the frequency reading meter which will read your induced electromagnetic levels in the home. The filters are used in the electric outlets in the house to clean up dirty electricity from the smart meter and otherwise. This also means the smart meter stops using your house wiring as a transmission antenna and stops using you as a transmission receiver.
As for physical well being, at least one antidote to ANY radiation exposure and for DNA repair is to take sea vegetables daily.

Note that I had no idea the Smart Meters were being installed, so, at least, this is not a case of psychosomatic inducement of symptoms. Is there a physicist in the house?

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I have read the symptoms , odd enough it was in 2009 that I have experienced vertigo , and balance problems when the Smart Meter came. With all these ‘claims’ like what I have , there must be some medical research to back it up as well proof . The EMF meter’s on the Ghosthunter’s show could detect some form of waves coming from the Meter’s . Anythought to this?

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3) Notify the utility that you hereby refuse to allow any surveillance device or wiretapping device to be installed or to remain on your home. It is illegal to monitor your activities. Warn them that you know this.
Go to Youtube and put the name ” Jerry Day” or” Smart Meters” into the Youtube search bar. Then listen to what this savvy electronics guy has to say, so straightforward and uplifting and practical advice. Then use the form letter he provides below the video and personalize it, add your account number and address and send it by registered mail with a certified arrangement and a double signature assurance of acceptance, making certain to send it to the head or CEO top management person of the utility company for your area.

The Danger of American Fascism by Henry A

You then need to expose one end of the wire about two inches, and tape this to the
Here is the IMPORTANT part. The wire needs to be grounded. Run it out the window and attach to a water pipe coming out from the ground, or you will need to get a copper grounding pipe (at Home Depot). Attach the other end of the wire to this copper pipe (that is pounded as far as you can into the ground). This should reduce the majority of the EMF’s coming into your home.

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Please, if possible move your bed away from the wall where the smart meters are installed.
My friend, John, experienced ringing in his ears when the smart meter was installed on his house. He made a temporary shield for the RF radiaiton with HEAVY DUTY foil from the supermarket and a grounding wire. He now uses a more permanent solution which reduces the radiaiton from the smart meter. As a result the ringing in his ears is gone!