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The following is essential for First Nations Peoples to restore self-esteem.

The dehumanization of Native Americans

If after 1492, instead of illegally appropriating and colonizing the territories of the sovereign Indigenous Nations of the Americas, Europeans had followed the advice it contains, and had gotten to know and had accepted Indigenous Americans as equals, a peaceful interaction between American Indians and Europeans would have occurred.

They were the only people in Northern America until the end of the 15th century.

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The before mentioned adoption of American Indian democratic values and ideals was officially acknowledged for the first time by Caucasians when the US Congress did it by Resolution in November1988.

Further, American Indians were very ingenious in domesticating ; including corn, they domesticated nine of the most important food crops that feed and sustain the modern world’s population.

Examining the Theory of Historical Trauma Among Native Americans

The following shows how the racism problem that First Nation Peoples suffer is pervasive and, why a Nation of civilized people must fight together to overcome it!

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For those who claim anti-Catholic or anti-Italian rhetoric, even when faced with the fact that , are there no other Italian Catholics better suited to celebrate? The American Indian Holocaust death toll is an estimated between Columbus’ arrival in 1492 to the end of the Indian American Wars in the 1890’s, when less than 250,000 remained.

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One can be certain, if enlightened action is not taken to stop it, similar abhorrent acts will continue to occur for the foreseeable futureWHY RACISM AND OTHER FORMS OF INTOLERANCE ATTITUDES PERSISTIn his discourse in, , Michael Levine accurately identifies why intolerance exists: "If you don't personally get to know people from other racial, religious or cultural groups, its very easy to believe ugly things about them and make them frightening in your mind." If Europeans had gotten to know, and had accepted indigenous Americans and Africans as equals during colonial times, instead of adopting White supremacist racist beliefs that negatively, and erroneously, depicted both Peoples as wild inhuman savages for the better part of five centuries, these peoples of colour would not have suffered the indescribable hells they did across the Americas, and, in far too many cases, still do.

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To ask whether later generations accept an invitation to share in the “success” of Columbus Day is cruel. It is time to acknowledge the grotesque truths of our history and, as a country, continue to make right those wrongs. This starts by listening to the indigenous communities disturbed by the holiday, getting rid of Columbus Day and celebrating the cultures affected instead.

An overview of American Indian history …

The following, related to the systemic racism created for First Nations by dehumanizing demonizing colonial propaganda, contains examples of some of the abhorrent acts that were visited upon First Nations Peoples.