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The slaughter and dispossession of the Indians continued unabated during the Civil War. Ironically, the demographic group to suffer the greatest was the Cherokee Nation. After the , and also being violently ejected from Texas by white settlers, they made the best of their lives in Oklahoma. When the Civil War broke out, they wanted no part of another white man’s war. Oklahoma, however, was strategically placed between North and South, and the Cherokee were forced to choose between the lesser of two great evils. They generally aligned with the South, and the resultant carnage killed off probably more than a third of the Cherokee. White America lost less than 2% of its population in the Civil War.

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One thing is certain: funding the Colombian government to fight drug trafficking is like asking the wolf to take good care of the sheep. The paramilitary death squads of Colombia have openly declared that their funding often comes from the drug trade. The , like so many other "wars" declared by America, is a fraud. Just as Ronald Reagan called the death squad regime of El Salvador a "" in the 1980s, as billions of dollars in American military aid flooded into that nation, the Clinton administration described the Colombian president Gaviria as "…forward looking in building democratic institutions..."

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The first century of was history’s greatest genocide, and honor was not easily found among the mercenaries that conquered and annihilated Native Americans. When the English showed up, they proved themselves as honorable as the Spanish, and at a peace conference was an early example of English tactics. Entering into treaties they had no intention of honoring was part of the English bag of tricks. Those behaviors led to the native saying, “White man speak with forked tongue.” Lying was not unknown among the native tribes, but somebody who lied was considered insane, as one who lost touch with reality. It was more of a sickness than a crime to many native tribes. was a more refined version of what Europeans had been doing to Native Americans for three centuries. European violence, dishonesty, and greed are not pleasant subjects, but they go a long way toward explaining why I live in Seattle, and are critically important to understand what is happening in today’s world.

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The Huron did not miss the “coincidence” of priests and smallpox arriving at the same time. Huron leaders contemplated wiping out all priests, but did not, while smallpox repeatedly swept through their ranks. Similar to the Spanish experience with the Aztecs, the natives noticed that European intruders seemed immune from the scourge that carried off so many of their people. While Cortés attained mythic status among the natives because the 1520 Mesoamerican smallpox epidemic failed to decimate the Spanish invaders, the Huron concluded that the Jesuits must have more powerful medicine and gods, because the epidemics left them untouched. As the Huron died in droves, many decided that the Christian god might be able to save them, and the Jesuits then had great success in converting the natives.

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The French had a gentler tenure in the New World, but that had more to do with France’s political-economic-demographic situation than benevolent intent. While it is true that the French respected Native American culture more than any other European power did, during the 1760s, when France’s commitment to New World colonization was its greatest, it had fewer than 50,000 people in the New World, while the English had nearly a million members of its “surplus population” in the New World. Hence, France manipulated the native tribes to its ends more effectively than its European rivals did. In 1536, Jacques Cartier impacted the native political situation by kidnapping leaders deemed obstructive to his aims. Although Cartier’s men got and were cured by a native medicine man, an empirical observation that Europe would fail to embrace for the next three centuries, they left behind their calling card. The natives began falling prey to European disease almost as soon as they met Cartier and his men. Cartier began wearing out the native welcome early on, and after his last failed attempt at invasion/settlement, the French left the area and did not return for 60 years.

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While Tecumseh was pursuing the shards of his shattered dreams in America’s Midwest, Old Hickory was making progress in America’s Southeast. From the very beginning of the European invasion of the New World, even on Columbus’s , it really did not matter much if the natives were friendly or hostile; they all eventually died under the European boot. Sometimes friendliness meant that they were the first to be exterminated (such as scalps of friendly natives being easier to obtain than scalps of hostiles), and sometimes it meant they were the last to fall to their state (such as the ). The Cherokee's tale is important. Not only are they the largest surviving North American tribe, their journey demonstrates how even the most USA-friendly natives were doomed if they lived on land that whites wanted. The Cherokee were one of the “five civilized tribes,” which included the Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole.