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This chapter takes the killing of Osama bin Laden as a test case for considering the moral and legal status of intentionally killing individuals deemed a threat to national security, under conditions in which the object of the targeted attack is offered little or no opportunity to surrender to attacking forces. The target in such operations, in short, is treated as though he were a belligerent: a person placed on a kill list may be targeted in a way that would be legitimate if he were an enemy combatant. It is argued that bin Laden was a legitimate military target, and that the decision-makers involved in his killing had thoroughly considered the range of options available to stop bin Laden from further terroristic acts, and were warranted in the decision to lean towards targeted killing in lieu of a capture operation. Thus, those who carried out the killing were within their scope of authority and responsibility for killing rather than for capturing bin Laden.

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The killing of Osama bin Laden was only ..

In Live "Seminar 34: Beyond the attack on Bin Laden", panelist's discuss "the legal issues that arise in situations where a decision is made to target individuals – potentially outside the immediate theater of hostilities – using military force".

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Using the study, Mr Gillespie and his students then surmised that the compound would have security, such as high walls around its perimeter, and an electricity supply, both of which were found at the site of Bin Laden's residence in Pakistan.

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The probabilistic model used in the study pinpointed Parachinar, which is roughly 300km (186 miles) from Abbottabad, as having a 95% likelihood of being the town where Bin Laden was hiding out.