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When children compete — win or lose — they see that their own hard work and practice can make a difference. Earning a prize contributes to self-esteem only when a kid knows he or she earned it.

Most children learn this skill or developmental milestone between the ages of 9 and 15 months.

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For example, malnourished children who live in third world countries may not reach their IQ potential because of the impact of their environment on their brain development.

We will also give you the names of and about child development that you may find helpful.

However, whenever you have questions, do not hesitate to ask a professional like your child's doctor, nurse practitioner, or a trained child development or behavioral specialist.

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While no two children develop in exactly the same way, scientists have been able to link certain developmental milestones to changes in brain tissue, observed by MRI scans taken repeatedly over years.

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We often think we need to run out and buy special toys, music and games to stimulate our child's development, but we have to remind ourselves that it is more important to provide the following, every-day activities you can do with your child to encourage brain development.