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The Stimson diary excerpts on this web site come from reel 9 of the diary.


It was rather a jittery and nervous memorandum and rather silly, and I was prepared for it and I gave the President a list of the scientists who were actually engaged on it to show the very high standing of them and it comprised four Nobel Prize men, and also how practically every physicist of standing was engaged with us in the project.

370-382)"This city is astir with excitment over the coming here today of President Elect William H.

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Roosevelt, wife of the President, wants to give a picnic for them [the King and Queen of England], with hot dogsif the weather is pleasantly cool, but thermometer should register 100 degrees in the shade, in which case more appropriaterefreshments will be provided.

She gained the reputation of serving the best of home-cooked food, even for guests...President Truman described himself as a "meat and potatoes man," though he was actually a light eater...At one time whenthe White House was giving a luncheon for Prime Minister Churchill...the President ordered the menu...oysters soup, celery hearts, assorted olives, filet mignon with mushrooms, watermelon pickles, asparagus hollandaise, grilled tomatoes, hard rolls, hearts of lettuce salad with Roquefort dressing, strawberry shortcake...Special family "receipts" were guarded in the "Confindential File."...Harry S.

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I have myself been in the various crises enough to feel the importance of firm dealing with the Russians but, as Marshall agrees, what we want is to state our facts with perfectly cold-blooded firmness and not show any temper."
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The President also complained that his servants were eating as well as he, and the two men appear to have had at least one disagreement over the serving of wine at the servants' table.

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We must remember that she has not learned the amenities of diplomatic intercourse and we must expect bad language from her."
4/3/45 Diary Entry:"There has been growing quite a strain of irritating feeling between our government and the Russians and it seems to me that it is a time for me to use all the restraint I can on these other people who have been apparently getting a little more irritated.

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John Adams noted in his diary that his guests were served dinners that consisted of Indian pudding, molasses, and butter as a first course, veal, bacon, neck of mutton and vegetables as a second...However, the Adamses' wide experience in Paris and London and later in social Philadelphia, and their exposure to the Southern cuisine of the Washingtons and others, gave them a taste and respect for a more varied diet.

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She did not share Jefferson's preference for intimate gatherings above all else, but enjoyed having masses of people about--for dinner, lawn parties, luncheons, teas, and dances...Dolley's idea of entertainment was in effect "the more the merrier."...Like Jefferson politically, the Madison shared his aversion to formality and pompousness....The servant problems that nagged at the preceding Presidencies did not seem to affect Dolley Madison.

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He is one of the very few men who know about it and I wanted to get him thinking on this postwar set of problems in regard to this matter which are the ones that I was talking with Harvey about."
3/8/45 Diary Entry:"I returned to the Department in time to get there at a quarter before three and attend a meeting of the Combined Policy Committee of S-1 .