Things superficially different are often essentially the same.

were saved by faith in a revelation peculiar to their dispensation, but this did not
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How inter-faith couples handle their religious differences

When witnessing to someone in a , should be prepared to deal with this apparent contradiction. The nature of the Gospel hinges on a proper understanding of the relationship of faith and works in salvation.

In different contexts, the words belief or faith can mean a number of various things.
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How inter-faith and intra-faith couples handle religious differences

Reformer Martin Luther, the champion of salvation through faith alone , once even called the book of James "a right strawy epistle" because of this difficult passage (ibid).

They consider one who does not have strict devotion to Aalul-Bait as one who has no faith.
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In the approximately 1,300 years of history since the life of Muhammad, the relationship between Christianity and Islam has rarely been harmonious. As it spread, the Muslim Empire quickly conquered much of the Judeo-Christian Holy Land and the Christian Byzantine Empire. The Christian Crusades from 1096 to 1291, waged in response to Islam jihad, further widened the divide between the two faiths. Constantinople, the “New Rome” and the center of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, fell to the Turks in 1453 and has been under Islamic rule ever since.

Uncritical thinkers, on the other hand, often don't see significant similarities and differences.
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The first phrase in the Declaration of the Faith states:

James was warning of the wrong kind of faith -- that is mere intellectual assent or belief in facts. Even if these facts are true, this type of faith can not save.


As one author explains, "They are not antagonists facing each other with crossed swords; they stand back to back, confronting different foes of the Gospel" (Alexander Ross, The Epistles of James and John, p. 53).

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This kind of faith -- faith in works -- does produce a changed life. Like the Pharisees, people who believe that works are necessary for salvation are zealous to perform these works.

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Saving faith comes when someone stops trusting their own goodness or work (Phil. 2:8) and puts all their trust in for salvation. And this type of faith will naturally exhibit good works.

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For both Paul and James, true salvation is found in believing, trusting, and having faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross alone for salvation.

Islam is monotheistic (Koran 3:64)

John Calvin reduce this principle to a sentence: "Faith alone justifies, but the faith which justifies is not alone" (The Principles of Theology, p. 61).

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The sacrifice of Christ on the cross (1 Pet. 2:24) whereby His blood becomes the sacrifice that turns away the wrath of God from the sinner when he believes and receives by faith the work of Christ on the cross. (1 John 2:2, John 1:12, Rom. 5:1)