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Adolf Hitler suffered from two problems when he first met Morell, terrible gastro-intestinal problems, often resulting in flatulence, and skin lesions on his thighs. Later, under the care of Morell, he developed an irregular heartbeat and aggressive tremors throughout the left side of his body. In addition he became dependent on (and possibly addicted to) methamphetamines supplied to him daily by Morell, which the doctor called Multivitamin (both via injection and in little tablets in innocent looking gold packages).

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Never before and never again have I heard Adolf Hitler speak as he didin that hour, as we stood there alone under the stars, as though we were theonly creatures in the world.

Hitler's tremors and irregular heartbeat are most likely the result of syphilis, and Morell diagnosed them as such by early 1945 in a joint report to Heinrich Himmler along with another doctor. Another piece of supporting evidence is Hitler's discussion of Syphilis through 14 pages of , which he called a "Jewish disease." This leads to the belief that he may have had the disease himself, because it is difficult for historians to imagine another reason for such a tirade. Also, Hitler's symptoms throughout the last years of his life closely resemble the tertiary stage of Syphilis. It is also speculated that it could have been Parkinson's disease as Morell started treating Hitler with a medication commonly used to treat the condition in 1945, although Morell was such an unreliable doctor that there is some doubt as to the validity of any of the doctor's diagnoses.