A common myth is that substance abuse has no effect on the body

There is alcoholism, drug abuse, and gambling addiction; the effects of such are devastating.

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According to the 2006 surveys conducted by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an estimated 49% of whites and 42.9% of blacks age twelve or older have used illicit drugs in their lifetimes; 14.5% of whites and 16% of blacks have used them in the past year; and 8.5% of whites and 9.8% of blacks have used them in the past month. Because the white population is more than six times greater than the black population, the absolute number of white drug offenders is far greater than that of black drug offenders. SAMHSA estimates that 111,774,000 people in the United States age twelve or older have used illicit drugs during their lifetime, of whom 82,587,000 are white and 12,477,000 are black. Even among powder and crack cocaine users-which remain a principal focus of law enforcement-there are more whites than blacks. According to SAMHSA's calculations, there are 27,083,000 whites who have used cocaine during their lifetime, compared to 2,618,000 blacks and, indeed, 5,553,000 whites who have used crack cocaine, compared to 1,537,000 blacks.

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Apart from the health risks posed to individuals, drug abuse has dire socio-economic effects as it has huge financial and social burdens on the society.

By definition, drug users violate laws against drug possession. They also frequently engage in illegal drug distribution activities-e.g., selling drugs for cash or providing them to friends. If, as Figure 1 indicates, blacks constitute a relatively small proportion of those who use drugs (between 13% and 20% depending on the drug), they likely constitute a comparable proportion of those who engage in other illegal drug-related activities. Although there is little direct research on the race of drug sellers, for example, that which exists suggests a racial breakdown among sellers similar to that among users. National surveys of drug abuse conducted by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration have sometimes included questions on drug selling. In 1991, 0.7% of adult whites and 1.4% of adult blacks reported selling drugs in the past twelve months. Although the proportion of sellers was twice that among blacks than among whites, in absolute numbers far more whites (939,345) reported drug selling than blacks (268,170). Black sellers constituted 12% of the combined number of self-reported black and white sellers. Fifteen years later, 1.6% of whites and 2.8% of blacks surveyed in 2006 reported they had sold drugs in the past twelve months, or an estimated 2,461,797 whites, and 712,044 blacks. Blacks thus represented 14% of the combined black and white sellers.

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A common reoccurring problem related to substance abuse is the issue of peer influence and peer pressure on trying and using drugs, which can vary from alcohol, tobacco and even the use of prescription drugs.

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In other words, drugs as well as many other addictive substances have being been taking part on the devastation of many families and individuals who in society have been effected by it.

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The mission would be to eliminate the devastating impact of substance abuse on those affected: chemically dependent individuals, those with a history of substance abuse/misuse, families/children and communities....

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But a drug abuser generally doesn't care about the salvationof the lost. If he did try to teach others, his own example wouldturn people off so they would not listen. And if he claims to bea Christian, his example would hinder the efforts of otherChristians to save lost sinners.

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In Jacqueline’s case, despite submitting various written complaints of sexual abuse—the circumstances of which were allegedly “plainly visible” to supervisory staff “through monitoring of video cameras”—the facility neither transferred her out of the facility nor took any other effective steps to protect her from sexual assault.

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Side effects that have been noted with this type of drug are anxiety, tremors, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and in some cases, death.

Relaxants are used by athletes to reduce the stress of their highly demanding lifestyle.