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At this point, you may be thinking that I've produced much indignation and little fact. Stand by. We had to visit fairyland before returning to the real world to see the nature andscope of the claims being asserted, and we needed to see it in a lot more detail than for most of the other farcical assertions because this is the keystone supporting the entire arch ofillegality, without which people inclined to steroids could get sound medical advice, supervision, and treatment (and, for that matter, physicians could get reliable data on dosages andeffects). Now back to Earth.

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Prescribers licensed in New York to treat humans and who have a DEA registration number to prescribe controlled substances, as well as medical residents who prescribe controlled substances under a facility DEA registration number, must complete at least three (3) hours of course work or training in pain management, palliative care, and addiction by July 1, 2017. Click on the following link for more information and guidance.

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So as to potential harms to the liver from steroids: only one sub-class of steroids normally has any effect, the required dosage for effects is above what the typical user of thatsub-class uses (though, in fairness, one must say there may be some using it at levels high even for covert users), and such harms as may occasionally occur are reversible.

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It is, of course, impossible to know what doses users are taking, since the use is banned; some reports () suggest that 500 mg would be a little above the average dose (476 mg). A on 500 anonymous self-reporting users showed about 60% reported "using at least 1000 mg of testosterone or its equivalent per week"; 1000 mg a weekis 143 mg a day, far under 500. A casual inspection of web sites recommending or selling steroids suggests lower dosages for oral steroids than those reported in the 1980 study. But givenall the vagueness, the point still seems clear: for the one potentially liver-toxic steroid class known, typical user doses are around the bare minimum threshold for possibleadverse effects.

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There just is no literature of steroid-related tendon-damage studies because there isn't any history of such damages. The cynic is left to suspect that known musculoskeletal harms fromsteroid use by adolescents has been the basis used by demonizers for even mentioning "musculoskeletal problems".

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We can analyze muscle effect by assuming a reasonable value for bat speed based on a representative 200-pound batter (which will be 67 mph), and then calculating the distance he woulddrive the ball if he clips it dead on and sends it up at the optimum travel angle (about 35°). That comes to roughly 440 feet--but we aren't really interested in an exact figure fromour assumptions: what we will want to find is the variations from that figure that would result from changes in the batter's muscle mass, which we measure as presumptive addedmuscle weight, to see how much extra distance a given amount of added muscle adds to the flight of the ball.

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Now extrapolating from rodents to humans is dicey, but those who demonize steroids do it all the time (and rarely--if ever--mention where their "data" came from), so let's do the same. Aweight of 100 kg is 220 pounds, not unreasonable for a muscular ballplayer; based on that study, a man weighing 220 pounds could orally ingest 500 mg of a 17-α class steroid daily andstill be clinically below the no-observed-adverse-effect level, which is merely a conservative threshold for a possible beginning of effects.