Eureka Stockade: 03/12/2013, Behind the News

The Eureka stockade is a much more radical event than most historians have credited it with.

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He had also been involved in a meeting of the 13 "captains" of the rebellion when the Eureka stockade was thrown up after the march from Bakery Hill on the 1st of December 1854.

they gathered at the Eureka stockade site in Ballarat, Southern Cross in the sky.

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The quick thinking and courage displayed by many of the women in and around the Eureka Stockade, saved many of the participants in the stockade from being killed by the police and soldiers as the diggers attempted to escape.

See you at the Eureka stockade site at Ballarat for the 149th anniversary celebrations on December 3rd, 2003.

The Eureka rebellion was based on three fundamental principles that are as important today as they were in 1854 � Direct Democracy: important decisions about the direction of the movement were made at mass meetings at Bakery Hill that were attended by up to 12,000 people; Direct Action: the stockades used extra-parliamentary means and strategies to achieve their aims; Solidarity: they understood the importance of mutual aid and worked together to achieve their objectives.

Interestingly, Victorian police files going back to 1852, have thrown somenew light on the role anarchists played in the Eureka Stockade.

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When they decided to set up the Eureka Stockade, a blacksmith's shop that was inside the Stockade was used to manufacture pikes for the miners that did not have access to muskets.

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The stockade had been erected at the southern end of the Eureka diggings, it consisted of chopped down trees, sand, branches, slabs which were used to line the miners shafts as well as overturned carts.

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While there is no doubt that the Eureka Stockade was one of the most significant events in Australian history, what the precise nature of that significance actually is will probably be argued about for a long time.

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Two Italian miners who had not taken part in the Eureka Stockade, one who had his tent more than 300 metres from the stockade was killed by mounted police and troopers.

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He returned to England in 1861, where he eventually died as a result of injuries sustained at Eureka.]Between 5.00am when the diggers defence had crumbled till 7.00am when the sun brought to light the carnage in and around the stockade, the killing continued.

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The Eureka Stockade (or more accurately, the driving force of public opinion that followed) has been characterised as the "Birth of Democracy" within Australia.