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In 1910, humanity’s greatest balance-of-payment disparity was between the UK and India, as India provided 60 million pounds to the UK, which was more than matched by British Commonwealth payments to the USA of about 80 million pounds. No other nation had a notable impact on international monetary exchanges. The single most telling statistic of the British pillage of India is that as the UK became Earth’s richest nation during its colonial heyday as it led the Industrial Revolution, per capita income in India did not increase between 1757 and 1947, and its . All imperial and colonial efforts were simply plunder operations. The , which was colonialism in everything but the name. The USA’s flag does not fly over Iraq today, but everybody knows who calls the shots. Once in a great while, even American soldiers , but they were always marginalized or silenced.

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Making mounds from corpses of defeated soldiers was common in official accounts of battles during the third millennium BCE. One of the first walled cities was Uruk’s colonial settlement , which was founded around 3500 BCE along the Euphrates in today’s Syria, but it was abandoned after several generations. Those wars led to the first written treaties, which were largely concerned with citizens who found themselves on the wrong side of the new border. Conscription was an early feature of civilization, closely akin to slavery, although the arrangement was temporary and conscripted soldiers were often promised land for their coerced services. Draft-dodging became one of early civilization’s art forms.

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In the Eastern Woodlands of North America, natives began domesticating plants before 2500 BCE. It may well be an independent domestication event. Those horticulturalists largely became matrilineal societies. The was succeeded by the , in which maize seems to have made its way from Mesoamerica. Around 500 CE, the , the bow and arrow supplanted the spear and atlatl, and the "" - maize, beans, and squash - began dominating food production. When the began around 800 CE, intensive maize production began and spread, which led to rapid population growth and the rise of , which led to the only pre-Columbian North American city, at , which collapsed, almost certainly from environmental over-taxation and a cooling climate, before 1400 CE. The mound-building Mississippian culture had a familiar trajectory, as intensive agriculture led to an agricultural surplus. Men, who controlled the surplus and rose to dominance, commandeered the local religion into granting them divine status or sanction and erected monumental architecture to themselves and their divine yet invisible patrons. As in , they made their structures from earth instead of stone. Soil fertilization for maize-growing was not practiced, which rapidly depleted the soils (there were no domestic animals to provide manure, and the Indians did not adopt the night soil practices of East Asia), and the cooling of the , along with declining soil fertility, spelled the decline of Mississippian culture before Europe's first invasions of the Columbian era. The and its aftermath was a catastrophe for Mississippian peoples. Later European invaders . By the 1600s, when England began invading the Eastern Woodlands, the Mississippian culture had vanished, and by the late 1700s, the Southeastern Indians not only retained no memory of who made those mounds that they lived near, they also had no memory of the social order that built them. The Cherokee seemed to retain some vestigial memory of Mississippian culture, as they had stories of despotic Indians that the Cherokee annihilated, but the mounds had become the source of a myth that spirit warriors lived in the mounds and could issue forth and fight Cherokee enemies.

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The , but what initially shocked me as I became aware of the FE field was that leading voices in the FE field also libeled Dennis. They were not little white lies, but . When the libelers were confronted with their lies, sometimes by me, they either gave the challengers the finger or made up more lies. I also watched big names in the field eagerly embrace the libelers and their lies while they attacked Dennis and Brian. They essentially acted like the psychopaths on the GCs’ payroll who were sicced on us over the years. Those behaviors only reinforced the and provided more evidence that the enemy is us. Probably more disconcerting was FE enthusiasts presenting me as an example of great writing about the FE issue (!). That libel tract has been presented to me more than a dozen times.

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In , we were still recovering from our Seattle effort when we were offered for making FE. Although Dennis began , when we received that , neither of us seriously suspected that it was an entreaty from those who run the world. A year later, just before we were wiped out, Dennis received an offer of about , delivered by a CIA man who said that he represented “European interests.” It became obvious that we had attracted the attention of the people who ran the world, although the , and we . Soon after Dennis rejected the offer, our nightmare truly began, as in one of the most spectacular wipeouts in the entire history of FE attempts. When the dust settled a couple of years later, , and I would never again see the world in the same way. Mr. Professor, who helped me free Dennis from jail, . The carnage spread far and wide, distantly peripheral players had their lives wrecked, and I heard sad stories from participants even as I wrote this essay.