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In this way the same type of fate becomes recurrent over a string of consecutive lives.
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If we define reincarnation as our own personalities incarnation into a succession of lives, then reincarnation must be recognized as a counterfeit belief held by many who do not possess the knowledge of the soul. Each person alive today is a soul-generated personality. Our Soul and True-Self is a twelve-dimensional Being of Light ( ) that has existed since the Alpha of Creation. It is impossible for the Soul to incarnate into a one cell embryo that is limited by this three-dimensional world. Therefore, the Soul generates what can be portrayed as a soul-generated personality that is an embryonic image of the Soul. This soul-generated personality has never lived a previous life. Because the soul-personality must return to its Source -- which is the Soul -- the personality that you are in this world can only live one life. Because what we call Time is a dimension of Soul-Mind, each personality that the Soul has lived as, after returning to their Source in the Soul, continues to dwell in what can be portrayed as the Soul Mind-Matrix -- which has been portrayed as the House or Castle of the Soul, as seen in the words:

How do the witches and apparent supernatural forces of evil factor into either fate or free will?
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If we pose the question as to what degree life on earth is predestined? It is at this point where the biblical teaching of predestination gets really frightening -- as demonstrated in Jesus' own words when he said: (Matt 10:29 RSV). If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without the Will of the Father, then we have no other option than to come to terms with the biblical fact that everything in this life is directly orchestrated by God? On this verse the Adam Clark Commentary states:

It is the very first example in the play where it gives Macbeth the idea of his fate.
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Anyway, the fate caused by vows, pacts and judgments almost always has its base in the subconscious mind where all our memories are for our past lives and our present life.

It is evident that Macbeth made the wrong decisions in his life, which he is completely responsible for, and he is not just a mere victim of fate.
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Regardless of the facts presented, there are those who say that there is no such thing as reincarnation -- and from one paradoxical perspective, there is truth to their position. Yet, there are others who not only proclaim reincarnation as a provable fact -- but in many instances, they can remember events drawn from their own and others past lives. And thus, it is important to pose the question: What if both positions are true -- i.e., that while the soul does live many lifetimes in its journey toward perfection and completion -- yet, the person you are in this world has never lived prior to your own physical conception in the womb of your mother -- and when you pass from this life, you will never be reborn as another person. What if both seemingly conflicting positions possess truth -- and yet, they are both lacking a higher Truth that brings the paradoxical opposite positions into Oneness. Which means that those who believe in reincarnation, as well as those who reject reincarnation, are not only equally in error from the perspective of the Greater Picture of Reality -- but that these who cling to one paradoxical truth in rejection to its opposite truth, will each remain hopelessly flat-lined, until which time their thinking, awareness and knowledge has evolved beyond their present dilemma.

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There are people who not only claim to remember past lives -- but there is a body of factual evidence to substantiate their claims. What is the source of their visions of having lived a former life? Perhaps the classic account is that of Joan Grant (see ) who authored novels about ancient Egypt that revealed a source of information which confounded the archeologists and experts. They were making discoveries which Joan Grant had written about in her books. In time it was revealed that she was merely authoring biographies of the previous lives that her soul had lived in ancient Egypt. The fact that she intuitively knew what the archeologists were in the process of discovering, made her claim of past-life recall very difficult to refute. And in this respect, Joan Grant is not at all unique -- in that, everything that I write is drawn either from tapping into the previous lives my higher soul-self has lived, or learned directly from either my higher soul-self or in those lives where I was able to tap directly into the Logos of God.