What, child, ought this suggest to you in the way of death and dying?

You will not be afraid. You will never be alone thereafter, and never know anything of fear again.

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Onyesonwu ("Who Fears Death") is Ewu, a child of rape. Her mother is of the Okeke people, whose lot in life is one of complete subservience to the belligerent Nuru. This is dictated by the Great Book, which the Okeke seem resigned to follow. But Onyesonwu, whose life we witness from adolescence to the fulfillment of her destiny at age 20, is not one to resign herself to an ordained fate. From the moment she learns of the horror of her own conception, she resolves to avenge her mother against the Nuru warrior who violated her. This revelation coincides with her discovery of her innate powers as sorceress and shape-shifter. After rebuffing her many times (Ewu children are vilified by both Nuru and Okeke alike), her village's Master Aro agrees to instruct Onyesonwu in the Great Mystic Points. And none too soon. Rumors abound that the Nuru are planning their own Final Solution against the Okeke once and for all. And there is a reason, beyond pure cruelty, that Onyesonwu was conceived, and why her powers are so great.

The mysterious death of Solomon Mujuru and fears for …

The Sum of All Fears – Super Bowl Terrorism in the Movies

But political coalitions are responsive to voters, so end-of-life health-care issues are only a signal of the underlying cultural problem. The limitless American pragmatism, with its faith in the possibility of technical solutions for every problem, is a powerful spur to heroic medicine when combined with fear of death.

And on that last point, one can’t ignore the obvious fact that Americans are much less religious than they used to be. America is not (yet) a nation of hypersecular Swedes or Richard Dawkins–style militant atheists; the vast majority of Americans profess some sort of belief in God, or an afterlife, or some spiritual reality. But at the same time, American religion has lost almost all its — for want of a better word — thickness. Whether in terms of adherence to a specific, rigorous creed, or in terms of religious practice or regular attendance of services, most Americans are much less religious than they used to be. And in such an environment, one might like to tell oneself bland spiritual platitudes, and one might like to tell pollsters that one likes to tell oneself such reassurances, but these spiritual platitudes are much less likely than a robust, thick religious belief to help someone face the impending prospect of his own death with equanimity.

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If your husband could explore that a bit more, he may well find the root of this phobia. Did he first learn about death at that age? Was it handled insensitively? I still remember learning that everyone dies. My older sister told me, rather brutally, when I was about three. Luckily, my mother dealt with it well, but the moment I learned about it – the shock of it – it was imprinted.

Death as the Long-desired Consummation of our Journey in Christ

But ever since, rumours about the circumstances in which he was found have circulated, with many struggling to believe that an experienced bush combatant in the liberation war chould have been vanquished by a domestic mishap. Instead, the fear is that his death may mark the start of a violent power struggle within Zanu PF, as talk of Mr Mugabe's failing health focuses minds on his succession.

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It sounds as if his brother dying had a significant part to play in your husband's fear of death. But what happened when he was even younger? Gardner recommends getting your husband to revisit those early years: "I strongly suspect something in childhood is buried in the iceberg of his subconscious."

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"For a military man, it's so weird that he could have failed to escape the fire," she remarked during an official visit to the Zimbabwean women's football team, which was filmed by the state broadcaster.

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It sounds as if your husband suffers from thanatophobia – fear of death. And I'd have liked to have known more about what happened when he was younger. You asked me to take out from your letter the age your husband was when he began to suffer from this fear, but you haven't told me how old your children are and I wonder if they are coming up to the same age as he was, and if this is acting as a trigger?