Explain the concept of"malignancy by location".

The law is in a state of change.

The concerns expressed by many are further validated by the current generation of GMOs that have been incorporated into the food system without adequate public consultation and scientific scrutiny. The current generation of GMO crops do not provide any tangible public benefit, have not contributed to reduced food costs, and have no confirmed ecological benefit. This is well illustrated by the two most prevalent types of GMOs in use in the US.

"Big Robbins" lists several of the reasons.

Give accounts of Guillain-Barré, and of the common peripheral neuropathies.Recognize these demyelinating, toxic, and peripheral nerve diseases grossly and/or microscopically as appropriateTell how brain tumors present, and how they kill.

Briefly describe some other autoimmune demyelinating diseases.Tell what we know about central pontine myelinolysis.Describe the common leukodystrophies.Describe the effects of alcoholism, carbon monoxide, Reye's, methanol, arsenic,manganese, Wilson's, the common storage diseases, and radiation.

In around 0.2% of kids, the problem is at least moderately severe.

Clearly the release of the first generation of Bt-containing crops was premature and based upon flawed scientific principles. Regulatory and scientific support for this cultivar is clearly questionable.

Of course, meningitis in theneonate is another cause (Clin.

The other dominant type of GMO in use today is the Roundup-Ready varieties of cotton, soyabean and corn. Not only do these cultivars contain many of the same questionable genes as those in Bt crops, but also they have the additional propensity to contribute to the development of herbicide-resistant weed species for which the consequences are poorly understood. Roundup-Ready crops are also of questionable ecological value and build a long-term dependence on the use of the herbicide Glyphosate. Not insignificantly, the overtly 'corporate' nature of these crops and the dependence they build on high cost and ecologically questionable technologies has resulted in widespread suspicion of the motives of those promoting these cultivars.

They are composed of synuclein,alphaB-crystallin, and ubiquitin.

It is abundantly clear that the current generation of GMO's were developed using an untested and unsophisticated technology and were released prematurely to ensure early returns on corporate investment. Clearly this does not represent a sound jusification for the release and widespread use of these crops.

They are typically "gitting" rid ofdead myelin and other cell debris.

Recognize these neurodegenerative diseases grossly and/or microscopically as appropriate: Give a full account of the anatomic pathology of multiple sclerosis, what weknow of the etiology, and how these relate to the clinical progression.

The latter is the mechanism of death in most cases of brain swelling.

See the endof this unit if you are philosophically inclined; many scientists are, and there are manydifferent ideas.* About half the human genome is supposed to be brain proteins.