What are some long term effects the French have had in Vietnam?

Though Vietnamese is the official language about 5% of the Vietnamese population speak French.

Vietnam - UNDER FRENCH RULE - Country Studies

On March 6th, France recognizes the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) as a free state within the Indochinese Federation and French Union. Rejecting this as a phony independence the Viet Minh initiate the eight-year First Indochina War in December with attacks on French troops in the North. Using U.S. vessels the French bombard the port of Haiphong, killing 6,000 civilians, then occupy the port and the city of Hanoi.

With french rule the lives of peasants had not improved and in fact they worsened.

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The newly established People's Republic of China, followed by the Soviet Union, recognizes the Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh in January.

In march the Japanese declare French rule at and end in Vietnam and Emperor Bao Dai proclaims “independence” in March.

Gradually the USA became involved in the Vietnam War. As early as 1950 the US sent military advisers to South Vietnam. Financially they supported the French and later the South Vietnamese government.

It controlled land in Africa, South America and the three countries that formed French Indochina – Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

French Rule: The French colonized Vietnam in the mid 1800s

French Indochina had the political structure of a Colonial Protectorate Federation, providing people the autonomy of their own; protection from other nations by the French.

The French language, a legacy of colonial rule, ..

Though it was limited primarily to larger cities and towns, France had also introduced electricity to Indochina.

In Vietnam, they reshaped sections of Saigon and Hanoi into modern cities that resembled Paris, with public parks and streets that are latitudinous and built hotels that are still in use today.

the basis for French colonial rule in Vietnam for the ..

Frenchmen held a majority of the chief government and public service positions, however, the Indochinese who had achieved significant positions received a portion of the wages paid to their fellow French counterparts.

France exercised its command through the emperors, leaders and the government officials who continued the daily rule of their nations or administrative areas.

What was one result of French rule in Vietnam? a. …

In violation of the Geneva Accords Diem begins to arrest all those identified as involved in the war against the French. Facing opposition across the south as America’s “puppet,” Diem initiates a terror campaign and begins forcibly to displace peasants from their ancestral villages into government holding camps, or “strategic hamlets.”

What was one result of French rule in Vietnam

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The three G's:
*Glory As a group we believe French imperialism in Vietnam
was negative because it destroyed Vietnamese culture
and forced beliefs on the Vietnamese people.

Lomography - Vietnam: French Rule in the 20th Century

These French influences can be reflected notably in the profound architecture of the Hanoi Cathedral in Vietnam.

Religion and Culture
Indochina provided significant quantities of coal, corn, rice, rubber, silk, tin and zinc and its geography was beneficial in establishing France’s overland trade with China.