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All-Time Top Box-Office Films By Decade and Year

It’s become a common complaint among movie lovers: Superhero movies have taken over, and it’s hard to get anything made if it doesn’t feature people in capes. In its own way, it’s a valid point. The superhero movie has become the dominant form of American popcorn cinema, playing the same function that genres like Westerns and musicals played in decades past. In 2017, four of the top 10 worldwide highest grossers were superhero movies, and if anything, that number seems likely to grow in 2018.

they also serve as the streaming source for some twenty feature films of the superhero genre that span ..

All Superhero Movies By Date | Flights, Tights, and …

, this film marked a new era in the genre—on in which audiences aren't afraid of complex heroes. It was a box-office success upon its release, even with a generally avoided R-rating. It also proved that studios were willing to take risks with the genre. In this case, it was a creatively ambitious superhero film that could have alienated audiences. Thankfully, the risk paid off, and even the Oscars are taking note.

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With , Tom Breihan picks the most important superhero movie of every year, starting with the genre’s early big-budget moments and moving onto the multiplex-crushing monsters of today.