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Mann's Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, Mann writes that Dietrich had come of age in postwar Berlin, where the LGBT culture thrived, so she came to the US with a more open viewpoint on her sexuality.

Younger film-makers influenced by European and Asian films also challenged the conventional film narrative of the Golden Age.

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The Golden Age also coincided with Jim Crow and segregation and The Hays Code was intended to be a national code that ensured that their movies could play in every US State, including the , which proved to be the most active state censorship bureau during the .

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While 1930 (or 1934) is the generally agreed-upon starting point, there are a number of claimants for the ending date: 1947 (vertical integration - the economic foundation of the studio system - declared unconstitutional); 1953 (Hollywood cinema starting to feel heavy competitive pressure from television); 1954 ( and his revolutionary style of , which ushers in a new age of realism); 1955 (, the biggest actress of the era, , attends the Actors' Studio in New York, and returns to Hollywood demanding a new contract and more creative freedom, thus helping to usher in the era of actors as auteurs); 1956 ( liberalized to allow freer depiction of once-taboo subject matter); 1960 (era of the modern "slasher" film heralded by ); or 1968 ( finally scrapped for good and replaced by the MPAA rating system).

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Today we celebrate our on the web. It's gratifying to reflect on all the high quality movie scans and posters we've completed in that time. The site now has 14,500 photos, 14,250 posters, and 2,534 movie summaries, representing 1,293 actors and actresses. I continually add new pictures and posters, and upgrade older ones as better versions are found. I wanted to offer a free, wholesome, easy-to-use site dedicated to photos of stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. I hope I've accomplished that.

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But even if It inspires a wave of lesser copycats, its massive success—which proves that a horror movie that costs six times your average Blumhouse feature can be more than six times as successful—will almost certainly inspire Hollywood studios to pump more money into developing and producing horror movies in the near future.

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The classic Hollywood star idea was challenged increasingly by more working-class and ethnic actors who challenged the general WASPy look common to the Golden Age.

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And the company is only getting started. Next year, —a slate that dwarfs the number produced by any conventional Hollywood studio by dozens—and will presumably acquire many more. It’s not as complete a selection as Shudder—a horror-centric service aimed at hardcore fans—but it’s an impressive and ever-growing slate of great horror movies that might have been overlooked in a traditional theatrical release. "They want to have very specific titles that are really going to excite and galvanize certain quadrants of their audience instead of trying to moderately engage everybody. And that leads to better movies," says Flanagan.