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Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

Nick is also drawn to secrecy, and he is curious to see how the affairs of Tom and Myrtle and Daisy and Gatsby will play out. We see him attend three parties: Tom and Daisy's, Gatsby's, and Tom and Myrtle's. Nick cannot stand Tom: he calls him a brute, especially after he witnesses him slap Myrtle. Nonetheless, Nick reserves moral judgement.

Therefore, Daisy and Gatsby's relationship is reflected in both themes realism and romanticism.

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Daisy and Gatsby inevitably cannot be together Daisy and Gatsby cannot be together because of Daisy's relationship status with Tom even Gatsby knowing that he still tries everything to win her back.

The term realism is a theme that is comonly seen throught the Great Gatsby.

Comparing Zelda's bits and pieces of surviving work (she died in a mental hospital fire) and Scott's entire body of work with this text is an interesting experiment and tropers can draw their own conclusions.Does The Great Gatsby have screen adaptations?

Sarah Churchwell's Careless People, on the origins of The Great Gatsby, will be published in 2013.

Gatsby's Plan From a movie called, The Notebook.

The phrase love is blind is used in our everyday lives.
The phrase love is blind can be used in the Great Gatsby for when Daisy falls in love with Gatsby.
Daisy fell for Tom because of his money, status and class.
Daisy fell for Gatsby because of his personality.
This would be an example of falling in love blindly.
Love makes people do crazy things, for example Gatsby buying the house to be noticed by Daisy and Daisy cheating on Tom with Gatsby.
Love is blind is a great example as to why Gatsby does crazy things to get noticed by Daisy and for that reason love is blind is displayed through the theme of romanticism.

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Gatsby In the novel, Gatsby dreams of different ways to capture Daisy's heart.
He becomes rich and successful, lives in West Egg in a huge house and has many luxerious things within his house just get noticed by Daisy.
By Gatsby fufilling his American Dream he will be able to marry the girl of his dreams, Daisy Buchanan.

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Their relationship consists of realism because of Gatsby's American Dream, the fact that Daisy and Gatsby will never be together and Tom insiting Daisy will never leave him.
Their relationship consists of romanticim beceause of Gatsby's plan to win Daisy back, Gatsby's interpretation of his life after the war and Daisy's way of leading Gatsby on.
The connection between realism and romanticim will display to readers which theme truly represents Daisy and Gatsby's relationship.
Throughtout the novel of The Great Gatsby by F.

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Romanticism: Daisy & Gatsby's relationship Daisy Buchanan lived in East Egg with her husband Tom and her child while Jay Gatsby lived in West Egg alone in West Egg making their relationship difficult to flourish.

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2, Revised Edition) Realism in the Great Gatsby is what the characters do that seem realistic, but the romanticism in the novel is why the characters do certain things that seem crazy.