Critics’ opinions of The Great Gatsby vary greatly.

Scott Fitzgerald first published The Great Gatsby, it was named Under the Red, White, and Blue.
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The Great Gatsby was set above everyone, even the best of the best.

Fitzgerald has written many great novels; however, his fame rests primarily on the novel, The Great Gatsby, which is not only remembered through a Hollywood film, but also by an opera based musical masterpiece (Gates, 88).

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is shown as a participant, not just a rich man.
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SparkNotes: The Great Gatsby: Themes

As a participant in this tomb, The Great Gatsby has adopted a convenient persona in the world of twentieth century literature as “the great American novel,” a work that embodies the American thematic ideals of the self-made man, the great American character—Jay Gatsby....

The great Gatsby referred to one of the principle characters in the novel, Jay Gatsby.
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The character of Tom is said to be shown extraordinarily well, and if a critic of The Great Gatsby would see Tom on the street, the critic would know Tom perfectly; and undeniably stay away from Tom (Perkins, 25).

The climax of Fitzgerald’s fortune came with The Great Gatsby (Unger, 77).
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The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 Summary & Analysis - …

And I hope she'll be a fool – that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.'
"(Fitzgerald 17)

“I’ve had a very bad time, Nicky, and I’m pretty cynical about everything” (Fitzgerald 16)

Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan in the 2013 Film Adaptation of
The Great Gatsby
"Edna and Robert" -Hubert
Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio as Daisy and Gatsby in the 2013 film adaptation

The Great Gatsby - review | Film | The Guardian

Fitzgerald wanted the reader to believe that the American dream had died, and to further ingrain his belief in our minds, he destroys religion and morality' but the final and most dismal reality Fitzgerald faces us with is that no man is a great man- the only great man encountered in The Great Gatsby is the son of God- who is superior to man, and cannot be judged by the same rules.

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Along with his voice, the picture of him lying on the stairs near the dead Gatsby shows that Nick ''was all he had, the only one who cared''.
Music and Sound
Camera Angles and Shots
The final scene of The Great Gatsby featured various camera angles and shots that added a whole new level of intensity and mystery.

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As shown in the novel, Nick is reason, experience, and history while Gatsby is shown as imagination, innocence, dream, and eternity; all qualities which Fitzgerald showed during his lifetime (Raleigh, 103).

The Great Gatsby: Film Analysis

Through our analysis of The Great Gatsby we discovered that lighting and camera angles/shots were a major role in bringing the final scene together.