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Can you name the 100 greatest Canadians as voted by viewers of CBC in 2004?

16 Of The Greatest Canadian Inventions

In this series, Wendy Mesley presents a list that the participating public has voted as the Greatest Canadians in the country's history. However, the top 10 list is listed alphabetically, not by vote. Among those 10, who is the Greatest of all? One of the Prime Ministers like John A. Macdonald, Lester B. Pearson or Pierre Trudeau? One of the scientists like the insulin inventing Dr. Frederick Banting, the environmental crusader, David Suzuki, or the multi-disciplined inventor, Alexander Graham Bell? The ardently conservative hockey pundit Don Cherry or the equally steadfast socialist politician, Tommy Douglas? Is it the great hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, or the courageous cross-country runner/cancer activist hero Terry Fox? Celebrities from various walks of life state their case for why their particular Canadian should be the one, but it will be the votes of the viewers that will make the final decision. Written by

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Greatest Canadian Tommy Douglas Essay

Penfield was not only a groundbreaking researcher and devoted surgeon. During his life he was called "the greatest living Canadian." He devoted much thinking to the mystery of the mind, and continued until his death in 1976 to contemplate and question whether there is a scientific basis for the existence of the human soul.

50 great gifts Canada gave the world

Even without a great jumper, though, Barrett should be able to thrive at the NBA level. Playing as a lead ball handler means he wouldn’t spend as much time spotting up, and he’s agile and savvy enough to take advantage of the space created when defenders sag off him. As he gets older and adds weight to his frame, he will have the physical tools to match up with all three perimeter positions, making it easy to put shooters around him who can space the floor. His rebounding ability means he might eventually be able to play some as a small-ball power forward, as he averaged 8.3 rebounds a game in the tournament:

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