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The failure of Mussolini's invasion of Greece greatly upset Hitler as he waited Molotov's arrival.
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Administration in Italy: report on downfall of Signor Mussolini

"The people turning on him, and the king arresting him and taking away his powers destroyed Mussolini leading him to a morphine addiction." 10 This caused him to become too weak to work long hours, although he kept a light on at night in his empty office for show.

1936-1939 -- Mussolini and Hitler intervened on the side of Franco in the Spanish Civil War.
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Mussolini governed Italy from 1922 to 1943

My story is now in the Archive and I am no longer able to access it to edit it. Memory is a fallible thing. I have just finished reading the diary of Galeazzo Ciano (Mussolini's son-in-law, executed by the republican fascists on 24 December 1943) in the original Italian, having read it some years ago in an English translation. Based mainly on it, here are some additions and corrections to my story:

"They are always there, like the spots of the leopard," Mussolini once said.
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My father was a member of the Bradford Fascio and it was this that probably got him on the Ambassador's list of internees to be exchanged with British citizens resident in Italy. He was a member of the Italian Fascist Party Abroad (Fascio all'Estero) at a time when nearly every working man in Italy was a member. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Mosley's anti-Jewish British Union of Fascists. Italian Fascism never was racial, despite the anti-Semitic Laws passed by Mussolini in 1938, aping Hitler.

1919 -- Fascism in Italy becomes an organized political movement in Milan. Mussolini ran for office and failed in the year's elections.
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Mussolini's Army in the French Riviera: Italy's Occupation of ..

In the next few days they transferred air units to southern Greece, putting Romania's Ploesti oil fields, his main source of supply, in danger of bombing attack."8

The Panzer units Mussolini wanted would instead be used for communicating in Greece from positions inside Bulgaria, Germany's First World War aly, which Hitler was now trying to coax into the tripartie Pact, while Mussolini's army was left to manage its desert campaign against British as best it could.

1943 - Germans rescue Mussolini

1922 -- after the failure of three liberal governments and wanting to avoid civil war, Vittorio Emanuele III invited Mussolini to form a new government. At age 39, Mussolini was the youngest Premier in Italian history.

September 23, 1943 - Mussolini re-establishes a Fascist government.

With unexpected anger, Dino Grandi, a much respected council member shouted:

"In this war, we already have a hundred thousand dead, and we have a hundred thousand mothers who cry: 'Mussolini has assassinated my son!'...You have imposed a dictatorship on Italy that is historically immoral." After hours of heated debate, the party leaders in the early hours of July 25 voted 19-7 for a motion of no confidence in the ageing dictator.

BRIA 25 4 Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism ..

About three weeks after his arrest, without warning, my father was unexpectedly released under police escort. We were given a few hours to pack one suitcase each and to catch a train to Glasgow; my mother and father, myself and my young sister, Gloria, aged four. The train up north was crowded with soldiers and I remember sitting in the corridor, with a kilted soldier, on his kit bag. The train went right into the Glasgow docks where we got off to board a ship, the Monarch of Bermuda. After a rigorous search, my collection of stamps and an atlas I had just got for my birthday were confiscated and thrown aside. There were 629 of us, led by Giuseppe Bastianini, the Italian Ambassador, a high ranking Fascist who was subsequently made governor of Italian occupied Dalmatia. A senior member of the Fascist Grand Council, Bastianini later played a prominent role in the downfall of Mussolini in July 1943.