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American History from Revolution to Reconstruction …

The details of the story of the Rebellion have been published so often in the Histories of our State and Nation, it is not necessary- to enlarge upon them in this volume. For the most comprehensive and valuable account, it has been the pleasure of the writer to review, the delightfully written "Story of Bacon's Rebellion," by Mary Newton Stanard, is suggested to those who desire the full details of this critical period in the colony's history.

Latin American literature: Latin American literature, the national literatures of the Spanish-speaking countries of the Western Hemisphere. Historically, it also includes the literary expression of the highly developed American Indian civilizations conquered by …

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That he answered the call of his fellow colonists, and nobly, is beyond successful gainsaying of the few historians who have endeavored to cast aspersion upon leis patriotism. Had they taken as much trouble to investigate, without prejudice, the true status of Bacon's connection with the spontaneous uprising of the people, as they used in casting aspersion upon his memory their infamous tirades would never have been given to print.

The colonial history of the United States covers the history of European settlements from the start of colonization in the early 16th century until their incorporation into the United States of America.

This completes the list of the various settlements along the Atlantic Coast, and we again return to Virginia and resume the discussion of its history as a colony.

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This has been the bitter experience of the poor Indian, from the discovery of America, even unto the present generation. Let us, at least, do them the justice of reviewing the history of their race, its trials and tragedies, without the prejudice of the past centuries, with that Christian charity they so ofttimes richly deserve. We are Christians, but what would we do if we should discover a strange race of people landed within our territory, squatted upon the land we call our own, and using strange engines of destruction against those of our people who endeavored to protest against being dispossessed? Should find that, not satisfied with the land already seized, they were making exploitation with intention of seating other newcomers of their race? Is it not possible for the strange race to regard our mode of living just as crude as the intolerant Greenville considered the dwellers in the village he destroyed? Had Greenville been a Penn, and some of the Colonial leaders even as Smith, the massacres of 1622 and 1644. would never have occurred, nor Bacon had reason to defy the authority- of the besotted Berkeley.

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The colony was saved. Governor Wyatt reported that in defense against the Indians during that year, more of the red men had lost their lives than had been the total from 1607 to the time of the massacre. Truly 1622 was the crucial year in the history of the colony, and notwithstanding the many after vicissitudes, the permanence of its settlement was assured. Again, may I add, it was in 1622 that these Virginia planters showed their contempt for the orders from the King by sending tobacco in their own ships direct to Holland and refusing to transport it first to England. Sandys, in reply to the King, when complaint was made of this, informed His Majesty that, as a number of the Virginians owned their own ships, it was beyond his power to force them to accede to the order.

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These questions are not designed to embarrass the reader, but, to induce Virginians to give more attention to the study of Colonial History, not alone within the pages of this volume, but wherever information can be obtained.