Many Italian Americans discuss the history of their families

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Immigrants were expected to assimilate into the American culture.

The Society serves Italian Americans and central Illinois communities through the promotion of education, civic pride, and charitable giving.

Antonin Scalia was the first Italian American to be a part of the Supreme Court.

Italian stereotypes are still prevalent in contemporary America.

AncientHawaiians, perhaps Oceania's most sophisticated agriculturalists, recognized between 150 and175 distinguishable varieties of taro...Taro was the main staple of the Hawaiians and Samoans.

Italian American PoliticsPasqua which is Easter is a very big holiday in Italy.

Once olive oil reached Italy, its value was quickly appreciated...and the Romans soonset themselves to work producing fruit and oil of varying kinds and quantities...All the Roman writers on agriculture givefull instructions to be followed when extracting olive oil.

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Pliny wrote about it in the first century A.D., called it the Persian apple...and said that theRomans had imported it from Persia for the first time only shortly before--apparently by a very indirect route, for headded that the trees were first planted in Egypt (where we never hear of them again) and then on the island ofRhodes, but bore not fruit in either place...The peach seems never to have achieved a foothold in ancient Grecce,but in Rome several varieties were developed...The peach was not common in Rome either, for Pliny says it washard to grown in Italy, so the Romans imported it from Persia, which made it expensive."
---, Waverly Root[Smithmark:New York] 1980 (p.

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"Recipes and reunions were among the topics dicussed by Miss Lettia Baldridge of New York City...Under the topic of reunions, MissBaldridge, an active member of the American Committee on Italian Migration, discussed the implementation of new legistlation recently passed by Congress which permits the reunion of families in America.

Italian culture, steeped in the arts ..

1151)About watermelons
"Archaeological data suggests that they [watermelons] were cultivated in ancient Egypt more than5,000 years ago, where representations of watermelons appeared on wall paintings andwatermelon seeds and leaves were deposited in Egyptian tombs."
---Kiple & Orneals, (p.

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Now a letter from a reader in Manhattan to contradict the egg noodle history plusan explanation of the name: 'The legend I grew up on was that the dish was created by Garibaldi's troops during the war for Italy's unification in the 1850s, the Risorgimento.

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"Global penetration" of many Italian food products occured at this time becausethat's when people from this country immigrated in large numbers to other parts of the world,most notably America.