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Hard-wired Human Survival Instincts - Human survival isn't just grit -- it's instinct

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These and other shells and shell beads were discovered far from the seas where they originated. By 40,000 years ago, humans were transporting decorative shells—and perhaps trading them—over areas of more than 500 km (310 mi).

Humans survived the ice age because of the bering strait they migrated threw this path to parts of the world that were not with ice.

Bees, and Survival of the Human Race

Some groups of early humans began collecting tools and food from a variety of places and bringing them to favored resting and eating spots. Sharing vital resources with other members of the group led to stronger social bonds and enhanced the group’s chances of survival.

Modern humans are part of many communities that encourage sharing and cooperation, sometimes among people who have never even met. These alliances enrich our lives and enable us to share expertise and the risks of survival. They can also pose serious conflicts among people of different communities.