Social Security and entering the United States of America

Poverty, Welfare, and the Uninsured Poverty Among Immigrants and Natives

Immigrants: The Last Time America Sent Her Own …

The aim of this artwork was to describe an experience the artist, and thousands of other immigrants, face when trying to come to America. Unfortunately these experiences usually end in heartache, rather than joy.

More immigrant names are added to the rune stones surrounding Seattle's statue, bringing the total to 1,767.

Bringing American culture closer to new immigrants ..

Five hundred nine names of Scandinavian immigrants are added to a plaque on the base of Seattle's Leif Erikson statue, bringing the total number of names to 2,351.

Today’s volume of immigrants is in some ways a return to America’s past.

The Norse Sagas about Leif’s discovery of America were translated into English, and American immigrants discovered Leif Erikson’s contribution to history.