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The study of African civil wars has boomed since 2000 as scholars have recognized the predominance of internal wars over interstate wars in the post-Cold War context. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought with it an influx of illegal weaponry and the weakening of many proxy states, leading to a spike in conflict in the early 1990s as political and economic elites sought to take advantage of the new political dispensation. Across the continent, a variety of insurgent organizations caused immeasurable death and destruction, whether small rag-tag outfits like the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda; proxy armies of foreign governments, such as the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone; or more conventional insurgent forces, such as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. In addition, conflicts in places like Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo took on hybrid forms mixing internal wars with interstate wars. As a result, no single approach fully captures the broad range of experiences of African civil war.

The Civil War took place concurrently with Louis Pasteur’s experiments which established germs as the cause of disease.
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Their rebellionformed the nucleus of the Anyanya separatist movement,which was tofight Sudan's first civil war for seventeen years." (5)The 1972 Addis Ababa AccordSince independence the Sudan has alternated between civilian andmilitary rule in a fruitless search for economic development and theresolution of the Southern problem.

Chinese Civil War (1927-1949) Between 1921 and 1949 a titanic struggle for control of China occurred in four overlapping phases
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Evans recorded the cargo of a ship whose wares weredestined for San Francisco merchants: '90 packages cassia,' 940 packages coffee; 30 packages dried fish, cuttle-fish, shark'sfins, ets.;...2,755 packages rice; 1,238 packages sundries,--chow-chow [probalby pickles], preserved fruit, salted melons-seeds, driedducks, pickled duck's eggs, cabbage sprouts in brine, candied citron, dates, dwarf oragnes, ginger, smoked oysters, and a hundredother Chinese edibles and table luxuries; 824 packages sugar...203 packages sago and tapioca; 5,463 packages tea...' This was a culinarybounty that could easily supply a gourmet restaurant in Hong Heong; all they needed to complete their banquets were fresh meat and produce (andeven the imported 'dwarf oranges,' either mandarins or kumquats, may have been fresh).

The Chinese Civil War was the struggle for control of China, fought by the Nationalists and communist Red Army, mainly between 1945 and 1949.
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The American Civil War "only" killed 700,000, which is about as bloody if not more so when you consider that the US had a much smaller population and a much shorter war than either of these (for instance, the Taiping war killed about 6-7% of the Chinese population of over 300 million over the course of 14 years, while the American Civil War killed 2.3% of the US population of about 31 million over the course of only four years. the Civil War was the result of a grand failure of normal politics.

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The renewed civil war marks the biggest onslaught so far by the mainlyNorthern Sudanese elite on the resource base of the South and the greatcattle economies of the Nilotic groups.

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The Jellaba are the descendants of Arab traders whose Islamiccivilisation seemed ready for far-reaching revolutionary change athousand years ago, (during the early phase of the Abbasid Caliphate),but imploded instead.

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It was for their States and for Freedom that, as in the English Civil War, about 2–5% of the total population of the United States died and far more were left impoverished, displaced, maimed and traumatized.

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With the exception of the Bahral-Arab, all the other perennial tributaries of those rivers originateeither from outside the Sudan or from Southern Sudan: this has animportant bearing on the civil war.