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Peering into the Dynamics of Social Interactions: Measuring Play Fighting in ..
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As we keep peering into atoms and ..

Individual nations have sovereignty over the Internet within their domain/jurisdiction, not the UN. Further the international links will for now remain on a peering basis, so the UN could not order Spain to cut off it's link to Cuba, any more than the US could a couple of years ago.

Mr Ko peered through his glasses at the lovely young lady sitting across the table - an executive who worked for
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History of the Internet - Wikipedia

Go!"I shot roll after roll as Sabrina scurried like a rodent trying toavoid a hawk, peering and crouching and shielding her eyes from thelights as commanded.

they are seeking a larger assignment), must return their old peering LAN resources back to this pool within 180 days of assignment.
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Terrorists, like any group, have a cause to rally around. But for them, the cause justifies the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians. How can they think that way? Now, science is peering into the dark heart of terror networks to find out why.

her screen. She peered up from her computer to check that nobody would accidentally see her mouth crammed
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