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This is a timeline of the economy of the Indian subcontinent

Bank credit growth hit a 20 year low in 2016-17 with Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) at . India has been ranked fifth on the list of countries with highest NPAs. Though bank recapitalization efforts are underway, the economy needs to recover from the bad loan problem quickly for favourable economic growth in the future.

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Industrial growth accelerated sharply during the second quarter of FY 2018 and jumped to 6.9% from 1.5% in the previous quarter, on account of a sharp increase in manufacturing and electricity, gas, water supply and utility services. Manufacturing registered an impressive growth at 7% in 2QFY18 as compared to 1.2% posted in the first quarter.

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) kept policy rates unchanged in its fifth bi-monthly monetary policy meeting on 6th December, 2017. However, industry is hopeful that going forward, RBI would lower interest rates to boost broad-based investment and consumption activity which in turn would promote economic growth.

The Indian economy slowed down in the last quarter to 5.7 per cent growth

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The Business Confidence Index (BCI) by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), climbed up to 59.7 during October-December 2017 as against 58.3 in the previous quarter. This increase was a result of improvement in the perception regarding overall economic conditions and expectations of improved business situation post the recent disruptions which prompted companies to be optimistic about favourable economic growth in the future. The findings are part of CII’s 101st edition of quarterly Business Outlook Survey, based on around 200 responses from large, medium, small and micro firms, covering all regions of the country.

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With on-going reforms that are beginning to positively impact the economy, CII is optimistic about Indian growth prospects in 2018. At the same time, policymakers need to be watchful and address the current macroeconomic challenges for a sustainable and fruitful recovery.

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Indian media does not tire of analyzing the Economic Survey and the Budget proposal 2016 announced by Mr. Arun Jaitely, the Finance Minister of Prime Minister Modi.