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Industry Giant II expands the levels of corporate management of the original title by offering a wider range of resources and products (more than 150), diplomatic interaction, and an improved, more intuitive, menu system. Changing weather can now affect production and shipping, as many consumables are seasonal and require a deeper sense of managerial planning. Major facets of controlling an industrial conglomerate include gathering and processing raw materials, establishing optimum sites for your factories, planning effective shipping transportation (more than 50 methods are available), and marketing your goods.

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One area where Industry Giant II stands above the crowd is the interface, although the manual is somewhat lacking the overall presentation of the game is exceptional. Industry Giant II offers a unique adaptation of a common theme nowadays, a "skinnable" architecture. Although the buttons and such cannot be moved from their respective positions, the graphics for the presentation can be adapted and manipulated to suit your tastes. Not only is this a very impressive introduction, the basic interface is intuitive when you get to know each command and its use, and the main navigational menus are clean and easy to understand. Overall, this is one of the most unique aspects of Industry Giant II, something that deserves high praise.

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Overall, Industry Giant II is a generally entertaining title, especially for those with an interest in transportation or a good economic based simulation. The title does have it's problems, however JoWood has done a well-rounded job in producing a business title that can be both entertaining and informative, something few have managed to do successfully.

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Graphically, Industry Giant II is a well designed and leans itself towards realism rather than creativity. Buildings represent more of a realistic feel, however an injection of creativity in the visuals would be a great asset. Not saying that the graphics aren't well developed, however they do come off as somewhat plain. Dark colors and dull lighting do not add much to enhance this aspect, fortunately models are extremely well detailed and generally look good. For anyone interested in a realistic world simulation or enjoy the sights of a vast and busy city, Industry Giant II is a good place to look.

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Sound effects are an enticing feature that can't necessarily make or break a game in this genre, but they certainly influence the entertainment factor of the final product. Luckily, Industry Giant II does not suffer from this type of problem, as the musical score is quite good. A pleasant blend of tunes is available while you build your corporate empire, and the ability to add your own music files to the title are an added bonus. Overall, Industry Giant II performs quite well in this area, nothing spectacular or groundbreaking however the musical score is definitely up to par.