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As the scenes became more gruesome, I put my camera in its case and walked in a daze with the survivors, as we viewed all forms of dismemberment of the human body."

How is that for a bit of irony? Hope that above clarifies what has been so often mis-stated during these past 63 years!

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I also recall seeing a number of former prisoners milling around inside the camp, so I believe our visit to the camp must have occurred shortly after its liberation.

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Ever listened to Holst’s The Planets? The celebrated music dramatically captures planetary belligerence. “How can planets affect us and how would visiting temples enshrining planetary deities mitigate their machinations against our ambitions?” sceptics sneer. Planetary impact on our lives is palpable, surely. Yet the benefits of circumnavigating the navagraha temples swirled around Kumbakonam mystified me. I have long derided internationally-dispersed South Indians who descend annually to appease nine planetary deities. Now, I find myself fortuitously inclined to investigate the practice. Or is it fortuitously?

Everyone who was there that day will forever feel a sentiment of gratitude to the American soldiers who liberated us.

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There are a number of forms of irony. In its simplest definition, irony occurs when what is said (verbal) is in contradiction to what is meant. Again, this should not be confused with sarcasm. Irony does not need to be as mocking or insulting as sarcasm. Some examples of simple irony include:

Black liberation theology is the brainchild of James H

Irony such as this is used by composers or speakers to emphasise their points. Where a literal, non-ironic statement for Example One would be 'I am not very good at golf' the speaker is not merely stating the obvious but overstating it. The same applies in Example Two. It can be noted that this type of verbal irony has a similar effect as hyperbole because it serves as an exaggeration of the point that the composer is making.

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Often referred to as the 'lowest form of wit', sarcasm is sometimes confused with irony. Sarcasm involves a composer (most commonly a speaker) saying something that is the opposite of what they really mean. The important difference between the two is that sarcasm is correctly defined as being humorous and deliberately mocking or insulting the object or person towards whom it is directed. Sarcasm is most commonly used in spoken texts. In written texts, sarcasm can be expressed like this:

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But the following is accurate: At first we were NOT permitted to write home about these events -- our letters were thoroughly censored by our officers -- until Eisenhower lifted all restrictions on April 16th -- I have the letters I wrote home to my family!

of any direct connection between politics and language

I highly recommend visiting the exhibition since I found it to be a wonderful experience. While walking around, it’s impossible not to think about our world and the role we play in it. And also, the artworks really are extraordinary. For now the exhibition will only be shown in The Hague but museum director Ine Gevers said that there are plans to go international. This would be a great thing of course, since sustainability is an important topic all over the world.