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This Islamic state, in fact, drew from the resources of
the entire known world.

[See Abbasid Dynasty: The Islamic world under the Abbasid Dynasty.]

Trade, Industry, And Agriculture

From the eighth to the twelfth century the Muslim world enjoyed enormous

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Caliph Abu-al-Abbas forecast that Baghdad would become the "most
flourishing city in the world"; and indeed it rivaled Constantinople for that
honor, situated as it was on the trade routes linking West and East.
Furthermore, Abbasid patronage of scholarship and the arts produced a rich and
complex culture far surpassing that then existing in western Europe.

The location of a new capital at Baghdad shifted Islam's center of
gravity to the province of Iraq, whose soil, watered by the Tigris and
Euphrates, had nurtured the earliest human civilization.

In a country known for large numbers, it was a modest, round number that grabbed our attention: 100

The Abbasids owed their
initial success to the discontent of the non-Arabic Muslims, who were the
primary leaders in the towns and in the Shia.

The fall of the Umayyad Dynasty marked the end of Arab domination within
Islam; the Abbasid caliph made great effort to establish equalitarian
treatment of all Muslims.

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