Not many non-home schooled children can complete these simple tasks.

 The best advantage that a home schooled child receives is a one on one education.

In the year 2001, over one million children were being homeschooled.

Stereotypically, when the answer is simply that a child home-schools, often times they are looked at in a predetermined persona as if they are a weird, deprived, unsocialized individual who doesn’t know the first thing about life.

Home schooling is very convenient and useful to many children in the world.

The issues and motivations of home schooling

The average home schooled child does 80% better than the average student on regular standardized tests (Klicka Homeschooled Students Excel in College).

Since their teachers are their parents, the children cannot use excuses like, "the dog ate my homework." The parent knows what is exactly what is going on and there is no excuse for laziness.

There are many reasons for the rapid growth in home schooling

When it all comes down to it the decision will be based on the socio-economic status of the family, as to whether they can afford to have one parent at home tutoring the child, instead of out working and also whether or not they feel it is safe enough to let their children go to the public schools....

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Although opponents of home schooling claim that children who are educated at home do not develop their social skills at the same rate as their peers who attend traditional schools, research findings indicate that students who are home-schooled develop socia...

The sickening danger of home-schooling

While some families may find home schooling as being very helpful and beneficial to their child’s education, others may find that it is crucial their child be sent to a normal school.

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By being home schooled these children receive a better kind of socialization that will not hinder their personal growth but take them to the next level.

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However, the main debate is not over whether or not children should be taught at home; rather, the question debated is if home-schooled children are as prepared socially as those children who are traditionally schooled.

Private Schools and Schooling at Home

The first, and most important, reason why home schooling may be considered a better alternative than a public school education is the idea that it somehow allows children to learn in an environment that is more conducive to the process of learning....

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Before the parents decide one way or the other about home schooling; maybe they should try it at one point in their child's education to see if home schooling improves their child.