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About Just Kush Premium strains and proprietary breeding are the mark of a craft grower
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Arizona Marijuana Laws, Is Weed Legal in ..

Yoga mat, marijuana, water pipe, water bottle. Got it. I inhale a fine bowl of Bubba Kush marijuana outside a private yoga studio. Then I go to yoga class, enjoying…

Regardless of whether or not this strain was OG Kush, an OG Kush hybrid, ..
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Jamaica Marijuana Legalization & Your Jamaican Vacation

Some marijuana botanists group Kush genetics in with a recently named cannabis category called Afghanica, but even this is a bit of a misnomer, because not all the genetics included in the Afghanica category come from Afghanistan.

Although Kushberry inherited the scent of OG Kush to blend it with Blueberry, ..
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To add to the confusion, breeding programs have blended pure Kush and Kush hybrid genetics with sativa and indica genetics. These genetic combos would never have occurred in nature. They’re the product of human intervention.

We've been investing for many years, but Kush Bottles' (OTC:OTCQB:KSHB) current valuation reflects one of the most overhyped stocks in the fledgling cannabis industry.
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