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Military life is ideal if you thrive in a strict and structured environment, enjoy helping people, and have a sense of adventure. ROTC is also a great way to pay for secondary schooling and ensure employment immediately after graduation.

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Your Health Insurance May End Sooner Than You Think! The Alumni Association offers health insurance to help fill the needs of students after graduation. Parental policies often end as early as the day before graduation, or may not be suitable after graduation. Most products are available to family members as well. Don’t risk going without health insurance. Watch the mail for more information or visit for many other types of insurance also.

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But what if your grades in high school were less than stellar? No worries—you can still go. You’ll just have to take a slightly longer path in getting there. Typically, you'll have to take a few remedial or make-up courses and do well in placement tests. Your high school grades might be less important with regard to career training programs, but they could come into play when seeking financial aid for tuition.