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There are a great deal of instances of violence in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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“Nevertheless, in how many most minuteand contemptible things is our curiosity daily tempted, and who can number howoften we succumb? How often, when people are narrating idle tales, do we beginby tolerating them, lest we should give offense unto the weak; and thengradually we listen willingly! I do not nowadays go to the circus to see a dogchasing a hare; but if by chance I pass such a coursing in the fields, itpossibly distracts me even from some serious thought, and draws me after it—notthat I turn the body of my beast aside, but the inclination of my mind. Andexcept Thou, by demonstrating to me my weakness, dost speedily warn me, eitherthrough the sight itself, by some reflection to rise to You, or wholly todespise and pass it by, I, vain one, am absorbed by it. How is it, when sittingat home, a lizard catching flies, or a spider entangling them as they rush intoher nets, oftentimes arrests me? Is the feeling of curiosity not the samebecause these are such tiny creatures? From them I proceed to praise You, thewonderful Creator and Disposer of all things; but it is not this that firstattracts my attention. It is one thing to get up quickly, and another not tofall, and of such things is my life full; and my only hope is in Your exceedinggreat mercy. For when this heart of ours is made the receptacle of such things,and bears crowds of this abounding vanity, then are our prayers ofteninterrupted and disturbed thereby; and while in Your presence we direct thevoice of our heart to Your ears, this so great a matter is broken off by theinflux of I know not what idle thoughts.” (St. Augustine, ,Book X, Chapter XXXV.--Another Kind of Temptation is Curiosity, Which isStimulated by the Lust of the Eyes.)

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the difference Daniel, that u seem to be incapable of grasping is this. its not whether whites treated blacks unjust or blacks treated whites unjust… its the the sheer fact that mandella in this country (america) has been revered as a peace seeking, humble, non violent, old man… Lie after lie….. he was a tyrant a menace… in my opinion, all hatred is wrong.. thats what makes someone like Martin luther king a true hero… he never stoooped to dirty levels of his persecutors.. he sought for peace, and lived his life in unison with what he sought… mandella being falsely placed on a pedestal demeans everything a real hero like martin luther king did… u cant justify one groups tyrannical behavior, by calling the white victim a crybaby, solely because someone of their like color has been just as ugly at a prior point in time to those of black decent… if u have to bomb train stations, where innocent children are residing…. then imo theres no justification for those evil actions… then imo u r a tyrant, and u r every bit as bad as the evil you’re fighting… and to hold anyone who has committed these heinous acts against innocent women and children, is an utter garbage campaign to distort truth solely because our media in this country, likes the end game…

“If Lord of the Flies focused on a group of girls, you’d have more gossiping and social exclusion, as well as sniping and cutting remarks.”

I’d seen
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05/08/2012 · Power is often a source of violence in Lord of the Flies

“If Lord of the Flies focused on a group of girls, ..

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leapt onto the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore"
Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4: the beginning
not much violence
still fairly passive and innocent
slowly building up to violence
all the boys still get along
The theme of violence in "Lord of the Flies"
gradual building up in violence
things start to fall apart
people go "missing"
jack starts to try and take charge
jack gets "bloodthirsty"
civilisation falls apart
disputes and arguments
hunters start to "disguise" themselves
hunters paint themselves with clay
violence is occurring more
Jack starts thinking he can "kill the beast"
Jack becomes obsessed with hunting
boys become more mysterious
hunters become brainwashed by Jack and his violence
Jack and his hunters kill another pig.
violence is always happening
Jack is now a real chief with a painted face and a tribe of 'savages'
Jack and two hunters invade shelters violently, leaving Piggy near blind and helpless
Jack acts violently toward Piggy's request for his glasses back, he forcefully orders for Samneric to be tied up
Roger kills Piggy, “The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist."
Ralph lies hidden and afraid of the violence
Ralph becomes like a hunted animal, not a boy, at the end: "He raised his spear, snarled a little, and waited."
the savages "hunt" Ralph, like a pig, "Roger sharpened a stick at both ends."
Violence in
"lord of the flies"

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