But now each one has somebody that he'd like to get rid of.

So they, er-- They swap murders.
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One or the other of us must die.

Orson Welles, who later turned Booth Tarkington's novel into a film, calls it "the truest, cruelest picture of the growth of the Middle West and the liveliest portrait left to us of the people who made it grow."

"You are in an open boat with three desperate men, two hundred yards from land and safety.
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Nature intends me to be a good man.

Archibald MacLeish's allegorical verse play is one of the few vintage American radio dramas that was able to claim a serious literary reputation.

Says Professor Moriarty: "The situation between us is becoming an impossible one, Mr.
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Presidential election and comedienne Gracie Allen runs for office on the Surprise Party ticket because, she explains, "My daddy's a Democrat and my mother is a Republican, and when I was born I was a surprise!"

Joe Friday investigates an old-time movie actor who writes bad checks.
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