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He's worldly, educated, and a gentleman

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What I’m trying to say is, why is it impossible for free will and an ultimate plan for us to exist simultaneously? This is God we are talking about, the creator of the freaking universe. Humans still have free will, we make choices everyday by ourselves. Just because all our choices eventually have the outcome of God’s plan which was in place before he created the universe, that does not mean in any way that free will is mind control. We still have that freedom, and that is what matters. The ultimate plan, is part of God’s sovereignty, and part of the logic, reasoning and abilities HUMANS JUST DO NOT POSSESS. It is futile to try and apply human logic and reasoning to God, simply because God’s ways are above ours. Free will and God’s ultimate plan do exist together, simply because it was God who made it so and who makes it possible.

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So keep the faith and realize the creator of the universe has your back. Those who reject God, it is their choice. God has not rejected Himself on their behalf. It is written on the heart of every man that God is real and exists. They HAVE NO EXCUSE. Science itself compliments our Creator, as I have merely touched upon earlier.

I think when we first were conceived and perhaps even before, God did have a plan for our lives and that plan was for an everlasting life after our life here on earth. He showed us through Jesus as son of man who we should study, the Holy Bible which is His Word which we should read, the Holy Spirit which we must allow to abide within us, and prayer which we should do often as the blueprint for his Plan. Satan on the other hand is at work here on earth to tempt us to choose a different path as he did to Eve in the Garden of Eden. She chose to listen to Satan rather than God and we have been paying for it ever since. It is God’s plan that all of us should be with him in paradise forever and He has showed and told us what we must do to get there. Meanwhile, Satan is at work here on earth to tempt us to follow his path and therein lays the free choice each of us has. Live a life here on earth and die or live a life here on earth and have eternal life after our physical death here on earth.