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 1. Actual physical based government and network groups

However, I don’t believe this is the only thing going on here…..

Your personal “frequency” has to do with your personality. It encompasses the way you react and respond to everyday life situations, people, and the world around you, your general emotional state, how sensitive you are, your thoughts, beliefs and expectations whether conscious or unconscious, how strong your ego is, etc. Which means your overall personal frequency can change throughout your life, if you learn and grow and alter thought and behavioral patterns. It’s not fixed in stone. It can change literally overnight, depending on how sudden and deep one’s shift in awareness goes.

“We locked eyes, and mine probably got as big as saucers.

“Is this interference from them?” I asked.

The Eagle 5 crash-lands on the , leaving Lone Starr, Barf, Vespa, and Dot Matrix to try and survive the harsh desert land. Vespa, in her Druish Princess self, makes the men carry a ridiculous amount of luggage, which they soon drop in the sand. Lone Starr and Vespa fall in love, but Dot's "Virgin Alarm" goes off before they can share a kiss. The following night, Dark Helmet tracks Vespa down to 's lair, and tries to lure her into his grasp by disguising as her father. Dot sees through the ruse with her "Super Vision", but fails to warn Vespa in time. Consequently, they both get kidnapped, until Lone Starr and Barf travel to Planet Spaceball and rescue them.

“Yes, they’re trying to keep you in a fear frequency.”

In looking back on my life the entire thing seems like a step by step “initiation” process in a way. Each step preparing me for something coming up down the line. Though I don’t feel that all, or even most of it, was actually intended to be some purposeful “initiation.” More like flat out interference, due to the fact that this place is a freewill free-for-all zone where both the positive and the negative are running around, attempting to exert their will. But the entire deal can be rerouted into an initiation process if you survive it and choose to take away learning lessons from it all, growing and evolving from it in a productive way, thus deflecting the negative situations into something useful…much like a martial arts move.

“That was it!! How did you ?!?”

So I’ve come to wonder how many of the people out there claiming to be gang stalked/targeted, with the over the top level paranoia and irrational, illogical thought processes that often goes with it, have drug use in their background. And if so, how many would be willing to concede that it’s caused varying degrees of long term/permanent cognitive impairment. It seems the number of people in the world believing themselves to be victims of targeting and gang stalking has risen drastically in recent years, thanks to the internet allowing people to network. (A point I will get back to at the end.) Does this coincidentally correlate to the increased flood of stronger, crazier drugs on the streets and in suburbia and the ease with which anybody can access them with only a little bit of effort? I know that some reading this may not like to hear me say anything that could possibly invalidate a theory that they’ve worked long and hard to construct, but it has to be said, because there is no doubt that in many cases drug related cognitive impairment absolutely is the explanation for what is really going on. Where it’s truly all in their head, and meanwhile their family is on the sidelines, unable to do anything to calm the supposed target’s anxiety and paranoia, watching them spiral out of control into what often times becomes unemployment and homelessness.

5. Drug induced and mental illness-based delusions and paranoia

So needless to say his paranoia escalated to the level of not wanting to be around electronics, be it television, radio, cell phones or laptops because he was convinced there were listening devises in them, as well as around the house. He believed people were hacking into his phone and computer, and that messages were being sent to him through the television. He was soon diagnosed with schizophrenia and put on meds, and did okay for awhile, until falling off the meds. Then it was back to claiming that he was being “gang stalked,” using that specific term, and talking to himself, scribbling words and numbers in notebooks, and believing that literally every single person around him was in on some plot against him, including the hospitals.

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A couple of years ago I heard from a distraught mother who emailed me after coming across this write up, wanting my opinion on her adult son’s situation since he was claiming to be gang stalked/targeted. She had been doing online research on the subject, trying to give his claims the benefit of the doubt, and that’s how she came across my site.