Understanding the Phenomenon of McDonaldization

Boston: Beacon Press.Ritzer, George (1993; revised edition 1996) _The McDonaldization of Society_.

The McDonaldization of Society | Seeking the Kingdom

George Ritzer’s McDonaldization of Society is based on his theory and social criticism on rationalization of society as a whole through the growth and principles of McDonald’s fast-food model of business.

McDonaldization is the idea that our society is becoming more efficient and more fast paced.

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The process of McDonaldization can be summarized as the way in which "the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world" (Ritzer 1993:1).

There are four primary concepts of McDonaldization: Efficiency – the optimal method for accomplishing a task.

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Efficiency in McDonaldization means that every aspect of the organization is geared toward the minimization of time (Ritz, 2009).

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Erik Olin Wright, Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, talks about proposals and models of radical social change, drawing on his Real Utopias Project. The expansion of markets and pressures for endless growth in material consumption are not contingent features of a dynamic capitalist economy; they are intrinsic to an economy rooted in the

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Drawing upon the distinction between "personal troubles" and "public issues," the author argues that the policies of the credit card industry pose problems for all of society, not just the single individual who is lost in debt, but also for the countries and economy as a whole.

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Where “Max Weber” used the model of the bureaucracy to represent the direction of this changing society, Ritzer sees the fast-food restaurant as having a more representative present-day model (Ritzer, 2004:553).

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Professor of Sociology at Boston College, Juliet Schor, discusses her research into what has become known as the sharing economy. In her presentation, The Sharing Economy:Paradoxes of openness and distinction, Professor Schor addresses some of the claims that have been made about the sharing economy, such as: enhancing economic opportunities, spreading wealth, introducing a fundamentally