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Relations between the United States and Mexico fluctuated in the 20th century.

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That position created a reality
that Latin Americans could not ignore and that greatly influenced economic and
political options in the region.

Mexico's Upheaval

The event that announced a new age in Latin America and launched it into
the 20th century was the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

Meanwhile In the late 20th century and early 21st century the population of Mexico grew rapidly. Today the population of Mexico is 123 million.

In the early years of the 20th century Diaz lost support.

In 1812 a series of revolts known collectively as the Aponte Rebellion erupted across the island of Cuba, comprising one of the largest and most important slave insurrections in Caribbean history. Matt Childs provides the first in-depth analysis of the rebellion, situating it in local, colonial, imperial, and Atlantic World contexts.

Childs explains how slaves and free people of color responded to the nineteenth-century "sugar boom" in the Spanish colony by planning a rebellion against racial slavery and plantation agriculture. Striking alliances among free people of color and slaves, blacks and mulattoes, Africans and Creoles, and rural and urban populations, rebels were prompted to act by a widespread belief in rumors promising that emancipation was near. Taking further inspiration from the 1791 Haitian Revolution, rebels sought to destroy slavery in Cuba and perhaps even end Spanish rule. By comparing his findings to studies of slave insurrections in Brazil, Haiti, the British Caribbean, and the United States, Childs places the rebellion within the wider story of Atlantic World revolution and political change. The book also features a biographical table, constructed by Childs, of the more than 350 people investigated for their involvement in the rebellion, 34 of whom were executed.

The mexican revolution of the early 20th century

In the early years of the 20th century Diaz lost support. In 1910 a Presidential election was held. Francisco Madero stood as a candidate against him. However Diaz imprisoned Madero and won the election with a huge majority. Madero escaped to Texas where he denounced the election as fraudulent and called for a rebellion.

My study of the Mexican Revolution began very early in my career as a historian

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By the last decades of the century, many Mexicans believed
that little remained of the principles and programs of the revolutionaries of

[See Mural By Siqueiros: During and after the Mexican Revolution, artists like
David Alfaro Siqueiros called for murals in public places, worker
neighborhoods, and sport stadiums, as well as on large buildings to record the
history of Mexico and to emphasize the actions of the people.

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Throughout much of Latin America, the effects of the economic boom
of the late 19th century had continued into the first decades of the 20th

The Mexican Revolution and its aftermath ..

The National Action party (PAN) finished second in the election, capturing 27 percent of the vote, and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) won nearly 26 percent of the vote.

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