03-04/12:44 Hagbard: @OdinHimself: Thank you, a good page about tafl!

:) 03-05/11:00 Hagbard: @Bogd Khan: Have you regretted the tournament and want to leave it?

03-03/18:52 Ded Fomich: Got it, thanks.

But there are other reasons than lack of critical mass, I think, that Mastodon does not provide a lot of Twitter exiles with what they want. Let’s be honest; what Twitter users annoyed with Twitter mostly want is Twitter except with better harassment policies and no Nazis, and Mastodon at first gave the illusion of offering this (the fact that the basic Mastodon homepage looks a lot like Tweetdeck and that Mastodon is generally modelled after earlier Twitter builds helped quite a bit in this regard). But, and this is key: Mastodon , in fact, offer either of these things. might offer these things, but the problem with decentralized power structures is that when you need central power to exist in order to stop certain things, decentralized power structures cannot, in fact, do anything to stop those things. Mastodon’s advocates inevitably argue at this point that participating in your chosen instance fixes these problems, because if your local instance bans Nazis, for example, then that solves the Nazi problem. However, this solution only works on the most local of levels.

“CLARISSA”: Hello again! I didn’t hear back from you about out HOT AIR BALLONS proposal so –MGK:

In this case you can capture a1 from b1 and a2.

But let’s say the House decides to vote for somebody else other than Donald Trump. You’re not going to get anybody reasonable. You’re not even going to get Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, who would be a right-wing conservative President but maybe not totally wreck everything. You’re going to get Mike Pence, who is a Christian dominionist in all but name and will pass laws to make it legal to discriminate against gays whenever and wherever, or you will get Paul Ryan, who will work overtime to completely destroy the social safety nets of America in favour of tax cuts for the rich, or you will get Marco Rubio, who actively advocated for a Muslim registry harder than Donald Trump did, or you will get John Kasich, who will pass anti-abortion laws throughout the country. And really, any one of these people will give you , plus destroying civil rights, environmental protections, labor laws and giving you as many far-right Supreme Court justices as they can possibly manage while gerrymandering districts and killing voter protections as much as possible to ensure that their system of minority rule can remain intact.

So in order to capture a1, you need a piece on a2 then moving to b1 would capture the corner piece.

“MARK: I came across your blog site while looking for resources for our next blog and I knew I had to reach out immediately, kudos on a fantastic blog. My name is Mark and I do blogs for an online blogging company. Do you accept sponsored blogs? Is this something you would like to blog about? Blog you later!

Or did I misunderstand the rule?

It's just a suggestion, one of the possible variants.

03-03/18:37 casshern: @Ded Fomich: As far as I understand the new rule, pieces on the corners can be captured, but like all other squares, it takes 2 pieces to capture.

02-28/11:48 Hagbard: Sea Battle tourn.

03-03/17:29 Ded Fomich: @Hagbard In my HH tournament game with Xerxes (I play as defenders) in current board position I can move b7–b1, as far as I understand that new rule about corners, the piece on a1 has to be beaten as a result of my move, but nothing happens.

finished, and Casshern cleared the table for all 12 points!

e begin our fourth year getting established out west in the small city of Marysville, California. Walnut Hill is seeing record visitation with over 44,500 hits to date, averaging nearly 15,000 per year so far. Thirty-two wonderful instruments are now featured. The is being used by thousands of happy players, and has been refined to the point where it is very stable and easy to install and use. is now so close to the real thing in sound that it is downright scary, but it remains a rather expensive option for the VTPO enthusiast.

13x13 starts, and winner is Hist.

“LORI”: Would your readers be interested in entering into a contest where they could win fantastic prizes like quality undergarments! I bet they would, and all you have to do is host one sponsored blog post. Unlike all those other scammers offering sponsored content, we pay up front, and our contest is real. Don’t you owe it to your readers? Wouldn’t they be excited by a chance to win free undergarments, or purchase undergarments at a discount? I’m sure this will excite your readership and drive up your social media metrics!

Viking 2018 (or some better name?).

and are getting on fine in the new home, a small apartment in downtown Marysville, a city of incredible beauty in the upper end of the great California Basin nestled between mountain ranges to the west and east. The climate is mild and the people are friendly. Everything is within walking distance. We have even located a theatre that could possibly be turned into the Marysville Performing Arts Center. It is big enough to install a pipe organ in. We will let you know more as we investigate this vintage building in the days ahead.