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France: Parliament lowered the minimum gaming age for casinos from 21 to 18 on May 5, 1987.

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Hawaii, Tennesse and Utah are the only states that have not legalized some form of commercial gambling. Hawaii, like many other states, does allow "social gambling" -- the minimum age is 18. Hawaii Revised Statute §712-1231. The Legislature has been considering allowing casino gambling, either in selected areas or on cruise ships.

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§ 158) was passed by the United States Congress on July 17, 1984

Arizona is the only state attempting to implement a comprehensive plan for dealing with the minimum age for gambling. On March 14, 2000, House Bill 2131 ("H.B. 2131") became law, raising the gambling age from 18 to 21, effective June 1, 2003, for all wagers, including commercial, charitable, tribal and even social gambling.

Bingo: At present, there is no statutory minimum age; however, the Bingo Section of the Department of Revenue has issued this rule: "No bingo card shall be sold or bingo prize awarded to any person under 18 years of age." Arizona Administrative Code R15-7-223. Like every other form of gambling, the minimum age will be 21 beginning on June 1, 2003, pursuant to H.B. 2131.

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Id. at §4-31-7-2(2).Minimum age to work at a racetrack is 16, but the racing commission can license even younger children who are working for their parent or legal guardian. Id. at §4-31-6-5. Casinos: Indiana has riverboat gambling; the current controversy is whether the boats actually have to sail. Anyone under 21 is prohibited from being in the area of a riverboat where gambling is being conducted; although, the minimum age for an occupational license is 18. Id. at §§4-33-8-3 and 4-33-9-12.

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Germany: The national government under Hitler passed laws in 1933 and 1938, prohibiting gaming by minors under 21. This age limit remained until the 1980s. Today, state (Länder) governments set their own age limits, and there has been a trend toward lowering the minimum gambling age. In fact 12 of 16 states in the united federal republic have lowered the minimum from 21 to 18.

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IOWAIowa may have more forms of legal gambling than any state, other than Nevada -- everything from bingo and amusement games to casinos and sports pools. Most are low-stakes and limited to players over 21; but not all.Lottery: Iowa raised the minimum age from 18 to 21 in 1994. Present law prohibits the sale of a lottery ticket to persons under the age of 21, but allows adults to buy tickets for them as gifts. A licensee or a licensee's employee who knowingly offers to sell a lottery ticket to anyone under 21 is guilty of a simple misdemeanor and the seller’s license is suspended. As for the minor: "A prize won by a person who has not reached the age of twenty-one but who purchases a winning ticket or share in violation of this subsection shall be forfeited." Iowa Code §§99E.18(2).

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Casinos: In 1989 riverboat casinos became the first area where Iowa raised the minimum gambling age from 18 to 21. Id. at §99F.9(5). It is against the law for a licensee to knowingly allow a minor to participate in gambling, or even to be in the area of the excursion boat where gambling is being conducted, unless the minor is an employee 18 years or older. Indian tribes assert they are not bound by this state law and one lowered the minimum age to 18 in 1999. The minimum age for low stakes social gambling, including card games and sports pools, was raised from 18 to 21 in 1994. Id. at §99B.6(1)(k).