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The Pyramid of Magicians is thefirst building one comes to from the entrance into Uxmal. With a height of over120 feet, it is the tallest in the city. The legend of the dwarf magicianItzamna who erected the pyramid with one hand overnight can be interpreted asfollows. This structure as well as the entire sacred complex of Uxmal wasoriginally used as a school of mysteries and spiritual ceremonies. It isbelieved that this served as the largest university of exotic knowledge. Theentire complex represents the movement of the Sun and Venus. The stairs on thewest side of the pyramid are oriented to follow the sunset at the summersolstice.

Here I am among the mysteriousMacanxoc slabs, and the Mayan prophesies are closer to me than ever – so closeI can touch them.

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“During his visit in 1841Stephens wrote: “Since my arrival in this country I have not been so thrilled;it was a mixture of pain and pleasure – pain that this city had not beendiscovered before its ruin; at the same time, we were pleased that we had seenit before its complete collapse, because even as it is it represents a worthymonument to its mysterious authors.”

The mysteriousabandonment of Monte Alban at the beginning of the year 900 A.D. is clearlyconnected with the disappearance of the Maya.

Whatever their origin, the Maya appeared in Mexico around 250 A.D., unpacked their valises and set about starting a civilization. Their first accomplishment was the creation of an organized religion, the Church of the Unreformed Sodomites, which was inspired by the consumption of enormous quantities of fermented llama drool, the local beverage. Snakes and pink elephants played minor roles in their mythology, the major deity being Kiwiwug, the great were-monkey, who swooped out of the jungle to suck the brains of Mayan peasants. Legend has it that Kiwiwug died of malnutrition.

Does this suggest that the Mayaended up in an alternative dimension when they mysteriously disappeared in the10th century?

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This hypothesis did not seemright to me before I made this trip, but especially not after seeing what Isaw. In the first place, the idea that these cities were built subsequent to aMayan withdrawal from Guatemala and Chiapas is ridiculous. Uxmal was builtthree thousand years ago putting it in the same category and time-frame as Tikal(Guatemala), Copan (Honduras) or Palenque (Mexico). Furthermore, Mexicanarcheologists agree that this city was mysteriously abandoned at the same timeas the other Mayan cities.

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When theSpaniards came to Central America, the original Maya were long gone, havingleft behind their magnificent abandoned cities and a whole world of mysteriesto be decoded.

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Despite the systematic effort ofthe Spaniards to destroy all evidence of the sophisticated achievements of theMaya in astronomy and mathematics, in the last few decades an effort is nowbeing made to attain an understanding of this mysterious civilization. Evidencehas been discovered of a very significant connection between the planet Venusand the so-called Governor’s Palace. The façade has glyphs – more than 350 ofthem – which are dedicated to this planet. (A stylized letter “M” with two dotsis the Mayan symbol for Venus; this symbol – as I verified with my own eyes –covers the main façade.)

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Last I will give my own thinking. It is my opinion that Mayapanis much older than all the above mentioned estimates. In that area there are anumber of settlements which date back more than two thousand years. The“Observatory” is identical to those at Palenque and Chichen Itza, which meansthe entire project belonged to the real Maya (before the 10thcentury and their sudden and mysterious disappearance). The archeologicalresearch done at Mayapan is very recent (Carnegie Institution – 1950, andGrinnel College – 2001). More detailed research will eventually establish morereliably the date of this city’s origin. The major buildings are copies ofthose at Chichen Itza, which belonged to the period of the 6th to 9thcentury A.D. The fortified walls, as something uncharacteristic of the Maya,were probably built one or two hundred years after the city was abandoned bythe Maya.

Why did the ancient Maya take their sacrificial rites underground?

The Cosmos, therefore, played theleading role in the mysteries of the Maya. These cosmic dramas were recorded intheir hieroglyphics and monumental structures in Central and South America.