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I’ve put excess effort in performing the roles of a student, an athlete, and a Christian.

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With very clean wooden furniture it has profuse German eagle & swastika markings & also a very nice & scarcely seen German army issue marking to the butt in the form of a double eagle & swastika stamp with the capital letter 'H' underneath it for 'HEER' .

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Complete inside the box is the scarce to find intact racking system which holds in the bombs when in transit & can be adjusted to release the bombs when required in action.

Coming complete with cleaning rod & also the scarce foresight protector it is capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired & comes with Home Office certificate of deactivation .

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This is particularly noteworthy when we consider an earlier scene, the one in which Holmes examines the client’s (Violet) hand. There is a suggestion of sensuality in this scene, and one cannot help but wonder if Holmes was projecting his desire for Watson onto their bicycling client.

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Complete with a ferret like appearance, Jeavons makes for a brilliant Lestrade. He plays the twin roles of Holmes’ admirer and competitor with such fluidity that one immediately forgets the actor and sees only the character. Truly, of all the Lestrades I have seen, Jeavons’ Lestrade tops the list.

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There are two roles he played so well that through them, he was assured a place in entertainment history. In 1964, Steve took on the role of Lieutenant Mims in a two-part segment of The Outer Limits titled, “The Inheritors.” He played one of four soldiers shot in the head by bullets made from fragments of a meteorite. Implanted with ominous instructions from an unseen otherworldly figure, Mims spearheaded a mysterious effort to take children to another planet. His monologue at the end of the second part was so powerfully delivered that another actor was prompted to declare Steve Ihnat should have won an Emmy for his work.

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Tissu’s shipboard account is not the only example of The Purple Cloud mimicking the methods of representation through which witnesses reported and scientists studied the Krakatoa eruption. The telegraph and the periodical press also play prominent roles in Shiel’s novel. As Adam returns to Europe from the North Pole and searches for other survivors, he thinks of, but rejects, the telegraph and the wireless (the recently invented radio) as means of expediting his search: “I had some knowledge of the Morse code, of the manipulation of tape-machines, telegraphic typing-machines, wireless transmitting . . . so I could have wirelessed, or tried to wire from Bergen, to somewhere; but I would not: I was so afraid; afraid lest for ever from nowhere should occur one replying click, or stir of dial-needle” (78). Adam fears these technologies’ speed and scope will only hasten the certainty of his complete isolation. So horrifying is this prospect that he focuses on the absence of impersonal, mechanical clicks and dials rather than the absence of the urgent interpersonal communication they were meant to facilitate.

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‘(4). They differ in the regularity of their colouring. Four colours in particular have been noticeable, orange lowest and nearest the sundown; above this and broader, green; above this, and broader still, a variable red, ending in being crimson; above this, a faint lilac. The lilac disappears, the green deepens, spreads, and encroaches on the orange, and the red deepens, spreads, and encroaches on the green, till at last one red, varying downwards from crimson to scarlet or orange, fills the west and south.