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has details to explain how browsers handle cross-origin requests that client-side web applications make from JavaScript and what headers you must configure sending of by the server the request is made to, if you can.

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Rogue and Minerva are warped together, and encounter , who leads them to the Fairy Tail Guild's new location. There, Rogue enters his shadow form and attacks Bloodman, while his guildmate singles out . In a brief respite, he reunites with Frosch, and tells a concerned Lector that Sting and he were separated. However, Rogue quickly takes notice of Bloodman and Wall's Magic Power, indicating that they are dead, and quickly does battle with the former, matching him blow-for-blow while the latter is in his . In spite of this, Rogue is ultimately overpowered and derided by his foe. After he and Minerva manage to best Wall and Bloodman, they wonder whether it was truly them who defeated the Historias or if they fell due to the defeat of their . Rogue then asks Minerva what the blinding light on the battlefield was, and she tells him it was and explains how the spell whittled away at a significant portion of their enemies' forces. However, Rogue remarks that he is still worried by their allies' exhaustion. Shortly thereafter, when Minerva is subjected to the effects of 's Magic, Rogue tries to see what is afflicting her, but is soon afflicted himself.

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There's a cross-domain issue using Ajax. You must be sure you are accessing your files on the same path without (or access from and post to the same path including ) which the browser considers as another domain when accessing via a path, so you see where the problem is. You are posting to a different domain and the browser blocks the flow because of the origin issue.

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In our case we could see some requests making it to our service but not nearly the volume the site was sending. That pointed us to the CDN. We were able to go back and see the original request was served from a direct request, not part of a browser AJAX call and the response header Access-Control-Allow-Origin was not included. Apparently the CDN cached this value. The Akamai CDN configuration tweak to consider the Origin request header value as part of the match seems to have made it work for us.

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Magic has been around for centuries. Every type of Magic comes from , the original source of all types of Magic. Magic was once oppressed and feared, but gradually became an everyday phenomenon.

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A short while later, a defeated and resolve-shattered Rogue is towered over by a victorious Gajeel. Rogue attributes Gajeel's strength to the guildmates he has in Fairy Tail, understanding why after disbanded, he joined and stayed in Fairy Tail. Rogue then questions his very existence and purpose, saying that Sabertooth doesn't understand the concept of friendship, thereby implying that he is weak and has no friends. Gajeel then reprimands Rogue for not considering Frosch his friend. The two then argue over what Frosch is, which ends with Rogue reaffirming the fact that Frosch is his friend. The two Dragon Slayers are then interrupted by a mysterious voice. Rogue turns around, repeatedly asking who and where the voice is, while the latter tells him to kill Gajeel, claiming that it is his destiny. Rogue looks down with an expression of shock, seeing that it is his own shadow who is telling him to kill his idol, offering him the power to commit the deed.

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The Twin Dragons soon wake to the detonation of Face and as the bombs are destroyed by the foster parents of the other Dragon Slayers, Rogue senses his supposed-deceased foster parent among the several Dragons flying around. Later, hearing from Igneel that the Dragons hid inside the Slayers by using secret arts, Rogue theorizes that Skiadrum awakened when his heart began to wildly race, and later curses Fairy Tail for always having the spotlight when Gray and Natsu begin to quarrel over the Book of However, Rogue exhibits surprise when the book disappears and finds itself in the hands of an arriving . Rogue then watches in shock as Zeref turns Mard Geer into a book and then burns it, and then subsequently observes him walk away and disappear.