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The Origin of the name of Latta is very obscure. There are many different
stories told, but each one must choose for himself. I prefer the Arabic

In an old edition of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Under the word
"lid" is the Arabic sign for the word. It means a "cover" or a "Lid". and
is spelled "Latta". This might indicate that the work originated in
Arabia, and from there it spread all over the world. Nearly all surnames
originated from objects and trades. (handwritten - See also Webster
International Dictionary 1924 for H.S. (old high German) latta, (lath or
lattico) Look under head of lathe).

The name in Italy means "tin". It is spelled both Latta and Latte. In
Germany it is spelled Latte.

From "British Family Names: Their Origin and Meaning" by Rev. Henry
Barber, M.D., F.S.C. Latter. See Larter. Larter from Latour, a loc. n.
(local name), Fr. Latour. Fl. (Flemish) Latteur: p.n. (personal name). Le
Tour, Hughi. n. 1618. This would indicate a French or Fleming origin.

I have been told that after the Irish had been exterminated in the
North of Ireland, the English king sent his soldiers to Scotland, and
seized all the people they could get, and forcibly removed them to
Ireland. This is now the Latta family came to settle in Ireland. The
term "Scotch-Irish" implies not the amalgamation of distinct Scotch and
Irish families, but, like the Anglo-Saxons and Indo-British, simply that
the people of one country were transplanted or immigrated from the country
of their birth to that of another. Religious or political rule was the
main factor. Thus a colony of North Scotch went over into Ireland during
the religious troubles of Great Britain from the reign of Henry VIII and
continuously to the time of William III. There were direct descendants of
Scotch parents on both sides who came to America from Ireland, who still
claimed to be Scotch.

It was under the Stuart that the policy of extermination reached a
development till then unequaled in history. The extermination of the
whole Irish population from the major part of Ulster and the plantation of
that province with English and Scotch settlers was a human tragedy on an
enormous scale and of consequence affecting the whole course of subsequent
British and Irish history. Carried out under the first of the Stuart
kings of England, whom as a pride of royal Gaelic race the Irish desired
to accept as their king it had in it an element of peculiar ingratitude.
One of James' motives for it was to obtain money for the land of wealthy
citizens of London and enable him to live extravagantly. It was, however,
destined, though without help of the Irish, and indeed in spite of them,
to bring its own retribution before the end of the century by turning the
balance against the Stuart dynasty at two critical moments, costing
Charles I his head, James II his throne, and the Irish nation sacrifices
of life and property to the verge of extinction. A single quotation will
sufficiently illustrate the working of the policy of extermination in
Ulster. It is from a letter written by Lord Deputy Chichester toward the
end of 1607. "I have often said and written, it is famine that must
consume the Irish: as our swords and other endeavors worketh not that
speedy effect which is expected. Hunger would be better, because a
speedier, weapon to employ against them than the sword....I burned all
along the Lough (neagh) within four miles of Dungannon, and killed 100
people, sparing none, of what quality, age or sex soever, besides many
burned to death. We killed man, woman and child (continued on page 16)

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30/10/1981 · Latta is a town in Dillon County , South Carolina , United States. Latta is the second largest town in Dillon County. As of the 2016 census, it …

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Who are the following:

Charles S. Latta, born Feb. 18, 1820. Married Dec. 22, 1852.
Samuel Latta b. June 1877. Mar. Adele Louise Petch, Apr. 9, 1907.

Anna D. Latta, daughter of Charlotte Latta, born 1868. Married C. W.
Roy, Apr. 16, 1888. He was b. in 1865. Both from Monongahela, at Courtney,
PA (marked out) (handwritten - Branch 45, family 7)

Married in the "Old Swedish Church", Wilmington, Delaware: Joseph
Latta and Susannah Steen, Oct. 2, 1772. And Jane Latta and Robert Davis,
May 14, 1751. This may connect with branch No. 42.

Thomas Latta married Martha McGrew, at Presbyterian Church, Carlisle,
Cumberland Co. Pa. Jan. 22, 1801. Penn. Archives, 2d Series, Vol. 8, p.
557. The church has no record of them.

William Latta married Elizabeth Taylor. Abstract of Wills, Alle-
gheny Co. Pa. Vol. 7, p. 56. John Taylor, Mt. Pleasant Tp., Pa. June 5,
1800. Will proved June 1800. Wife, Jean. Children: John, Thomas, Elizabeth
wife of William Latta.

From old Methodist Quarterly. Marriage record Franklin Co. Ohio.
Martha Latta to Benjamin F. Leach, of Franklin Co. Ohio, April 8, 1823.
Grandville Female College, Frankfort, Ohio, Anna Latta, graduate.

From Buffalo, N.Y. Historical Society:
Robert Latta married Elizabeth Welsh, Feb. 23, 1847.
Robert J. Latta married Kittie Boone, Feb. 26, 1884.
Robert Latta died at Buffalo, N.Y. Mar. 31, 1878, aged 57 years, 6
mos. 10 days. Born about 1820.
Elizabeth Latta, wife of Robert Latta, died at Buffalo, N.Y. Mar. 12,
1855, aged 36. Born about 1819. Is this Elizabeth Welsh, mentioned above?
Mary Jane Latta, wife of Robert Latta, died at Buffalo, N.Y. May 6,
1863. Aged 42 years. Born about 1821.
Addie B. Latta, died July 19, 1886. Aged 33 years. Born about 1853.
No birth records in Buffalo, N.Y. prior to 1878.

Marriages in Buffalo, N.Y. on record with County Clerk, County Hall.
All Vital Statistic records for the entire State of New York are
filed with the New york State Department of Health, Albany, N.Y. They want
payment for all information.

Census of 1800. Orange Co. N.Y. Elizabeth Latta, head of family, 1
male under 10; females 1 between 10 and 16, 1 between 16 and 26, 1 between
26 and 45.

All Vital Statistics for North Carolina are filed in the capitol at
Raleigh, N.C. No record of births and deaths prior to Oct. 1913.

Names in Record's office Books, Westmoreland County, Pa.
Ephraim Latta, Aug. 3, 1831. Unity Township. See branch 32, fam. 1.
Elizabeth Latta, 1836. Mt. Pleasant Township.
Elizabeth C. Latta, 1866. Unity Township.
Elizabeth Latta, 1873. Mt. Pleasant Township. See branch 3.
Elizabeth M. Latta, 1874. South Huntingdon Township. See branch 3.
Emma A. Latta, 1878. Greensburg Boro.

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The entry in the first deed book in Hillsboro, N.C. is to (line drawn
through)In 1756 to James Latta, a planter, in Orange Co. of the Province
of N.C. A grant of land from John Earl Granville (Viscount Carteret and
Baron Carteret), of Hawns, Bedford Co. Great Britain. This man was
President of His Majesty Most Honorable Privy Council and Knight of the
Most Noble Order of the Garter. He died Jan. 13, 1756. James Latta
evidently lived in Orange Co. N.C. about the same time 1 John Latta,
branch 15, lived there.
Were they brothers? James gave power of atty to Thomas Latta in 1804 to
sell land.
James Latta, Sr. deeds to James Latta, Jr. 147 acres of land on Sept.
18, 1790. John Latta bought land of Thomas in 1791 and 1793, and from
State of No. Carolina in 1793 and 1802.
Scotch-Irish in America. --Hanna, Vol. 2, p. 96.
Presbyterian settlements of Scottish people. Presbytery of Phila.
James Latta, Deep Run, Buck's Co. Pa. 1726. See branch No. 8, fam. 2.
Vol. 2, p. 97. John's Island, So. Carolina, 1720? James Latta,
Presbytery of Phila. Second. James Latta, licensure, report, 1766.
Feb. 4, 1935. John L. Seabrook, Clerk of the Session of John's
Island, S. C. Presbyterian Church, and related to Hugh Wilson, writes:
"Minute Books were destroyed by fire several years ago. I have a
record copied from one of the old books which shows that the Rev. James
Latta served this church 1768 to ____". (handwritten note - "John Island
a suburb of Charleston")
So. Carolina Gazette, Lately married Rev. James Latta, of John's
Island, to Miss Sally Wilson, daughter of the late Hugh Wilson, Monday,
March 27, 1775.-Taken from a book in the Filson Club, Louisville, Ky.

"The records in the Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department,
Washington, D.C. show that there are more than thirty service records of
enlisted men in the navy by the name of Latta, and in view of the limited
clerical force of this Bureau, it is impracticable to comply with your
request for the purpose stated." April 27, 1934. One was Samuel Whitehill
Latta, Asst Surgeon. See Branch No. 8, family 11.
Mary Lizzie Latta was married to Samuel J. Vandegrift, at
Philadelphia, Pa. Dec. 24, 1873, by Rev. W. Gordon, minister. Her
grandfather was William Matson. She had two sons, Walter Scott and Paul.
four children,
John Latta died Jan. 9, 1795, aged 68. Church records in Waxhaw, S.
C. show he was an elder. Waxhaw is in Union Co. N.C. 10 miles east of the
church, 4 miles east of York County. S.C. line. He was born in 1727.
Church in Lancaster Co. S. C.

Myrtle Latta married Atlas Cash. Lived at Rocky Mount, N.C. Branch 7,
family 10. Who is she.

Mrs. Jennette T. Acklen, of Nashville, Tenn. says that the record in
Springhill Cemetery, Gallatin Pike, Nashville, is that Sallie Latta was
born Feb. 8, 1803; died Mar. 16, 1847. She married Ebenezer McCance, who
died June 14, 1852, age 56 yrs. 3 mos. Children: William N. McCance, born
Sept. 9, 1822. Died June 3, 1851. Matthew McCance married Ann Walker,
Taken from Mrs. Acklen's book, "Tombstone Inscriptions", page 78. (Marked

Dr. William Latta was the first President of the Ross County, Ohio
Medical Society. Supposed to be of branch No. 3.

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